Your Fave 'Stranger Things' Character Says So Much

With most TV shows you watch all the episodes once and then move on with your life. Stranger Things is not one of those shows. Netflix's hit sci-fi/fantasy mashup created a fully realized world populated with mysteries and characters that were engaging in equal measure. The show completely dominated the summer conversation and now that Stranger Things Season 2 is a go, there is no way the buzz is going to die down anytime soon. Stranger Things inspires passion in people — especially when it comes to the show's cast of lovable characters.

There is an excellent chance you fell hard for every character from Eleven to the often grumpy Hopper, but you definitely have a favorite Hawkins' resident. How could you not when every character was so distinctive? Whether you felt an unwavering kinship with the doomed Barb or related with Dustin's snack food priorities above all else, your favorite Stranger Things character says so much about your personality.

It is only natural to gravitate toward fictional characters who you see a bit of yourself in, and when the characters are as beautifully human as the gang on Stranger Things, finding a character who speaks to you is inevitable. Embrace your fave. There is no wrong choice when it comes to the residents of Hawkins, they are all awesome. Read on to discover what your favorite Stranger Things character says about you.


Despite your quiet nature, you are clearly a leader in the eyes of your friends. While you may come off as shy to those who don't know you well, those closest to you are in awe of your maturity and ability to mastermind the perfect night out plan. Being in charge all the time is not easy though, and your big heart makes you want to please everyone at the same time — don't forget it is OK to put yourself first sometimes.


People constantly underestimate your abilities. It is universally acknowledged that you are smart and accomplished, but you always wish people would see the full picture. In truth, you are way more complicated than you appear, with hidden talents and interests precious few people know about. Don't be afraid to let the full extent of your awesome show.


You are fiercely protective of the people you love. There have been struggles in your past, but your strength is undeniable. Even when you are faced with the unimaginable you find a way to make sense of it all. Your ferocity is matched only by your capacity to love. Anyone who hurts those closest to you will quickly find out they made a grave mistake.


While others prefer the wait and see approach to life, you make things happen. You are always organized and have a plan in place for all possible worst case scenarios. While you do have a bit of a temper, it only comes out when you feel like your loved ones are making a big mistake. Just remember, sometimes its better to let them learn on their own. They know you will be there for them when they need you.


Sometimes you feel like you are completely overshadowed by your best friend and are destined to never fit in. Neither of these things are true. Your self-assured nature can be intimidating to others. It's not often someone has the confidence to be so fully themselves. Be proud of how good you are at doing your own thing, and resist the temptation to let yourself be pressured into doing things you don't want to do by your BFF. Keep rocking your original personality, it will never go out of style.


You speak the language of sarcasm, and fancy yourself a loner. Deep down you care about people though. A lot. In fact, there's not much you wouldn't do to help someone in need. You are by no means perfect, but no one else is either so cut yourself some slack. Your friends and family are lucky to have you in their lives.


If your loved ones had to sum you up in one word they might just pick brooding. You have a contemplative soul and you are always thinking and creating. A natural observer, you blend into the crowd and use what you see to create art. As wonderful as your artistic side is, don't forget to show the world all of the other things that make you who you are.


A total peacekeeper, your laid back attitude means you often find yourself being the voice of reason. You are cool with it though. Honestly, not much fazes you. You know what makes you happy, so you do what you love and do your best to make sure everyone around is comfortable doing their own thing too. Chocolate pudding and good friends are the secrets to a good life, as far as you are concerned, and there is no reason to obsess over the small stuff.


You are growing as a person every single day. In the past you have given into your worst impulses, but you are learning how to be your best self with others. Just take it a day at a time, the more you learn about yourself the more you will see just how wonderful you are and how much you have to offer.


Life has not been easy on you. Sometimes you feel awkward and can't quite understand what everyone around you is going on about, but your inner awesomeness is undeniable. You are a fighter who is loyal, brave, and has excellent taste in snack food. Trust those around you to accept you for who you are because they love you more than you know.

See? You and your favorite Hawkins' resident have more in common than you thought.

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