How Much Is NYX’s Lip Cream Vault? It’s Such A Good Deal

It's not quite the holidays, and by not quite, I mean it's nowhere near that time. However, that doesn't mean cosmetics fans aren't stoked for holiday previews. One of the first to appear? The NYX Lip Cream Vault. Yes, it's just as epic as it sounds. The vault is a collection of all 34 existing mini lip cream shades as well as two brand new shades. While you may be thinking that a vault of that many lip creams would be expensive, NYX knows what their fans want and need. As it turns out, the NYX Lip Cream Vault is super affordable and an amazing deal.

The NYX Lip Cream Vault rings in right at $64 according to a post by popular beauty insider Instagram TrendMood. If you do the math, that's roughly $2 per mini lip cream. Where else could you find a deal like that? Plus, you'll be getting exclusive, new shades, and those shades will also ring in at $2. Where do I sign up?

After all, the lip creams have long been heralded as one of NYX Cosmetics' best products. While the entire brand is amazing, finding a matte lip that doesn't dry out is a trying feat, but the lip creams make it possible. Plus, for the price point, they're hard not to want.

Because the vault includes all existing shades, there's also no need to be worried about whether the colors will work for you. There's bound to be several in the vault that'll be perfect. Plus, if there are some that don't work, imagine how cute a mini lip cream would be tied to a gift tag on your bestie's holiday gift.

The $64 NYX Lip Cream Vault will be available for purchase on Sept. 6, so if you've been looking for how to treat yourself, you just found it. However, it'll also make a fabulous gift for your cosmetics-obsessed friend. No matter why you're making the purchase, though, there's no doubt that this deal is just too good to miss.

Images: Courtesy of brand