12 'Smallville' Eps 'Supergirl' Fans Should Watch

With Clark Kent soon to be gracing Season 2 of Supergirl, it stands to reason that it's time for fans to reacquaint themselves with the Superman alter ego featured in Smallville. After all, Supergirl was picked up by the CW and Smallville was produced by the CW, so it feels good that our favorited caped aliens are going to be hanging on their home base together. Luckily, there are quite a few episodes of Smallville that Supergirl fans should if they want to get excited and prepared for the new season.

In Supergirl episodes so far, Clark Kent has just been a voice on the other end of the text message — we haven't seen him, but we know he's there, somewhere in the background. That's all gonna change soon, as a Clark Kent by way of actor Tyler Hoechlin, who fans may recall from MTV'S Teen Wolf, will be showing up when Season 2 of Supergirl premieres this fall. This new Clark may not be exactly the same as the one Tom Welling portrayed in Smallville, but it will still be fun to see a new look at the hero we all know and love.

The following are some of the best Smallville episodes to re-watch before Supergirl.

1. The Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

Why not go back to basics and take a gander at the most original version of Smallville Clark Kent? This episode is bookended by life-saving — Clark saves Lex then Lex saves Clark — which really does a great job of showing off the depth of the duo's frenemy-ness. And young Clark is so noble that it truly is delightful.

2. "Red" (Season 2, Episode 4)

Clark Kent going bad is always fun. So the Kryptonian's first foray into evil via a dash of red kryptonite, a stone which makes his people behave amorally, is too perfect. I secretly hope we get some of this craziness in Supergirl Season 2.

3. "Rosetta" (Season 2, Episode 17)

This episode should be on any re-watch list ever due to a cameo from Christopher Reeve, the iconic actor who famously played Superman in the 1978 film by the same name. Meanwhile, all the alien mumbo jumbo running through Clark's brain and the realizations of his responsibilities to the world make for a fascinating episode.

4. "Phantom" (Season 6, Episode 22)

Before audiences see Clark on Supergirl, it can't hurt to see him as a love interest to Lana. After six seasons, Clark informs Lana that he has super powers and Lana's like, "duh." There's a lot of drama and death that goes down, which I don't want to ruin, but let me just say the passion that goes into this episode is a must-see before watching an older, buttoned-down, and super responsible Superman.

5. "Exodus" (Season 2, Episode 23)

Meeting Jor-El, Clark's disembodied voice dad, teaches viewers a lot about Clark. Clark has the ability to rule over the world, but it doesn't seem like something he wants. It's interesting to see his persistent father/spaceship push for this responsibility Clark has no desire to uphold.

6. "Odyssey" (Season 8, Episode 1)

Anytime we get Clark hanging out with his buddies, the Justice League, it's a good time, and this episode follows the rule. Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Aquaman are on the hunt for Clark in the Arctic after he disappeared when the Fortress collapses. Meanwhile, Clark is stripped of his powers, and seeing him in that vulnerable state is key to understanding the man he will become.

7. "Mortal" (Season 5, Episode 2)

Clana have sex for the first time in this episode, so I think that's really all you need to know. The charms of Clark will not matter to his cousin Kara in Supergirl, but we, the viewers, will definitely be interested in his rugged handsomeness. Might we all live vicariously through Lana in this emotional Smallville episode, am I right?

8. "Kandor" (Season 9, Episode 7)

Aren't we all (whether we like it or not) carrying on our parents' legacies? In "Kandor" fans get to learn a lot more about Clark's father (and Kara's uncle) Jor-El as he makes his way around Smallville. The tragedy that goes along with Clark losing his father shortly after he finds him is so heartbreaking. Save this one for a night where it will feel good to ugly cry.

9. "Kara" (Season 7, Episode 2)

What better way to get pumped for Supergirl than to enjoy a different version of this brave hero? "Kara" is the first time we meet Clark's cousin, who is on a mission to protect "baby Kal-El." This episode will make you love the version of Kara in Supergirl even more.

10. "Descent" (Season 7, Episode 16)

Clark's hunt for his newly-discovered cousin in this episode will make the wait for Supergirl Season 2 feel a little less difficult to handle. Kara is hands down the best part of Smallville Season 7, even when she's not present and accounted for. The Lex Luther character development in this episode is also pretty intense.

11."Heat" (Season 2, Episode 2)

Smallville is a pretty serious show, but there are also a few funny episodes, "Heat" included. In this episode, Clark's crush on his biology teacher Desiree Aktins causes an uncontrollable reaction in which he shoots heat rays from his eyes. Meanwhile, Ms. Atkins is causing pheromone problems all over town. Hey, every now and then, a goofy episode is appreciated.

12. "Commencement" (Season 4, Episode 22)

Graduation day is an important day in the development of Clark Kent what with the meteor shower and ceaseless Clana drama. Seeing such a defining moment in this character's life makes it so much more exciting to see another version of him in Supergirl.

Isn't it wonderful that while waiting for Supergirl and a new Clark Kent, we fans can distract ourselves with an older version of Clark ripped straight from our nostalgic TV-watching past? Three cheers for our new favorite and our old love coming together on Supergirl.

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