Could These Former 'BB18' Underdogs Win?

It has been a long, tough road this summer on Big Brother 18 . As the houseguest numbers dwindle, I think we can safely say that there are a two emerging frontrunners that could win the whole enchilada. That's right, I'm talking about the unexpected showmance-y bromance between Victor and Paul. Who would have thought that these two former Big Brother 18 underdogs would be in pole position to win the $500,000? Now that Victor has his ninth confirmed competition win and his third run as the Head of Household, both he and Paul are sitting pretty for yet another week. But this week in particular is destined to mark the beginning of the end for some of the most powerful alliances in the Big Brother house.

As such, we're finally going to see a turning point in the gameplay of Big Brother as well as who is aligning with who. There will be no easy choices from here on out. But, you guys, the way I see it, I really think that Victor and Paul could make it to the final two. Not only are they two of the strongest players in the house when it comes to competitions, but they are great at strategizing. The only reason Victor has consistently been a target is because he is such a competitive threat. That's a big bonus for Victor's game. It means that Victor will continue to rise as it becomes blatant that he's basically "unevictable". Homeboy even said it himself on tonight's episode.

With Victor's protection, Paul is able to keep a low profile for yet another week in the house. Even though he gets the luxury of relaxing, we all know he's still going to be strategizing. This keen eye for strategy will come in handy as he and Victor begin to plot how to stay safe while taking out the remaining showmances (James and Natalie; Nicole and Corey). These two have already put themselves in the frame of mind that they are the final two.

That said, it's inevitable that they will make it to the end. They're a pretty unbeatable team. While the showmances have romantic feelings infused into their game strategies, Victor and Paul are all about friendship. When it comes to Big Brother, I'd argue that friendship is a strong bond but it doesn't mess with you head nearly as much as romance does.

Who would have thought, all those weeks ago, that Victor and Paul would be here? Both dudes have quite a bit of braggadocio. Their big personalities often shake up group dynamics. Plus, they had a slow start when it came to marking their territory as Big Brother gaming champs. If there's one thing we can learn from these #SittingDucks, it's that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS