7 Ways Rory Changed In 'Gilmore Girls'

I'm more than a little excited for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life to finally air on Netflix from Nov. 25, 2016, and have been revisiting old episodes in preparation. While it's tough to pick a favorite character, it's impossible not be drawn to Lorelai's daughter Rory. We got the chance to grow up with Rory throughout the original seven seasons of Gilmore Girls . When she dated people she was incompatible with, we felt better about our own pathetic love lives. And as you'd expect, over seven years, there were several important ways that Rory Gilmore changed from the pilot to the finale of Gilmore Girls.

From learning to stand up for herself, to accepting the wealth she was born into, Rory went through some dramatic changes. Her love life is still infamous, and fans continue to pick sides — Jess, Dean, or Logan? Perhaps what Gilmore Girls fans want more than anything is to find out who Rory ends up with, and the new Netflix episodes will hopefully give us some long-awaited answers on that subject. But Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will also be an opportunity for Rory to change. Here are just some of the ways in which the character has already evolved since the show started in 2000.

1. She Learned To Take More Risks

When Gilmore Girls started, Rory couldn't be described as impulsive. But as the series progressed, Rory gradually began to trust herself, and take more risks as a result. Season 7 Rory would never have said no to Jess when he asked her to climb out of a window with him.

2. She Learned To Be Truly Independent

When Rory says goodbye to Logan in Season 7, it's a character building moment. She's alone and totally independent for the first time in her life. She's come a long way since the first season of Gilmore Girls when she was living at home. We've watched her transition into a woman.

3. She Discovered What Love Is

All of Rory's relationships are important, obviously. But when she declares her love for Logan, it feels like something more solid, mature, and serious. Having been in several relationships by the time she meets him, Logan is perhaps the first grown-up relationship Rory has, and that's important.

4. She Became The Best Advice Giver

The bond between Rory and Lorelai was always core to the show, but as the series progressed, Rory became a really great advice giver. Even when she moved away to college, Lorelai would phone her constantly. Rory's advice was always insightful, and by Season 7, she was the best person to ask when you had a problem.

5. Her Confidence Grew

In Season 1, Rory was understandably shy. But Rory's confidence grew year on year. From flirting with boys, to making new friends, Rory developed a strong sense of self, and became confident in who she was.

6. She Developed A Career In The Field She Loved

Rory's love for books was clear from the start, but as the show progressed, she started to develop her career in literature. As the editor of the college newspaper, she had a huge impact, and it'll be exciting to see where Rory's career has taken her in new episodes of Gilmore Girls .

7. She Developed Her Own Sense Of Style

In Season 1, Rory was known for her school uniform, but as the seasons progressed, she developed her own sense of style, and wasn't afraid to change her haircut from time to time. She was preppy, but not afraid to dress up when the occasion demanded. And I can't wait to copy all of grown-up Rory Gilmore's various looks!

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is sure to feature even more changes for Rory, and it'll be exciting to see what happens to the character next.

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