This Might Prove Logan & Rory Are Endgame In 'GG'

For those Gilmore Girls fans who are Team Dean or Team Jess, this may be hard to hear, but I'm just going to say it: When it comes to Rory's best boyfriend on Gilmore Girls, it had to be Logan. The two were the most compatible match — dare I say, even more suited for one another than Lorelai and Luke. While Rory may have grown up in Stars Hollow, she always had one foot in the world that Logan Huntzberger grew up in. This was the world of Emily and Richard Gilmore: She went to a fancy private school then Yale, she had a coming out party, she lived in her grandparents' pool house for a while. Rory Gilmore was as bougie as they come, and Logan was the perfect complement to her upper class style. While Rory didn't say yes to his marriage proposal, right after graduating — she was 22 years old, for gosh sakes! — both were so young, so smart... and so good looking. How could these two not give it another try now that they're a little older and wiser? Well, based off these Gilmore Girls revival spoilers, it looks like they might be.

I mean, think about it: Being that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino didn't get a chance to finish Rory and Logan's storyline before leaving the original series, the Gilmore Girls revival gives her the perfect opportunity to do just that. (Not to mention, Sherman-Palladino could confirm whether that first season clue really hints that Rory ends up with Logan, or just prove Gilmore Girls fans may have way too much time on their hands.) While this may not convince some GG fans that Logan is the best match for Rory, these spoilers might. In fact, they seem to reveal the two might even be endgame.

Let's start with the news that Logan will likely be back for the two last episodes of the four-episode revival — that is, if you believe IMDb. If this is true, this means Logan will be around for the big finale. A photo from the set also seemed to reveal that actor Matt Czuchry was hanging out in Stars Hollow — possibly, in front of Lorelai's house. Clearly, there's only one reason he'd be around there and that's Rory.

Even more revealing may be the additional news that not only is Logan back, but so is his father and his Life and Death Brigade pals. Fans have even guessed that the Gilmore Girls wedding that's been teased on social media (thanks to a photo of a prop from the upcoming revival) could be Logan's. The fact that Nick Holmes, one third of the core Life and Death Brigaders, revealed that he'd be spending a week filming the show definitely gives legs to this theory. Even more suspicious is the photos of Tanc Sade (Finn) with a long-legged dancer that he teased was teaching him how to tango. Though he wouldn't confirm the photo was from the Gilmore set, it's hard not to wonder if an impromptu dance is a Life and Death Brigade prank for young Huntzberger on his wedding day.

Now, none of this actually means Logan's rumored wedding is to Rory (There is a theory floating around that Rory and Logan got married after Season 7 but are now divorced), but it also can't be ruled out at this point. That's the thing: Nothing can be ruled out when it comes to Logan's role in the revival.

While the show has been especially hush-hush about the Netflix revival, Logan seems to be the most mysterious aspect of the new episodes. Besides a few photos of him with the Life and Death Brigade guys, courtesy of Sade, Czuchry has kept well-hidden. While Jared Padalecki (Dean) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) have been making videos for the Gilmore Girls official Facebook, Czuchry has been lying low. Maybe, the network doesn't want to risk him giving anything away — like, perhaps, a happy ending for Logan and Rory? Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Image: Warner Bros. TV; oywiththepoodlesalready/Tumblr (2)