Marko Brought The Best Out Of J.T. On 'SYTYCD'

Alright, So You Think You Can Dance folks, unpopular opinion time: J.T. on So You Think You Can Dance performed his best routine during the Sept. 5 episode. While that's not a controversial statement in itself, what makes it go against popular opinion is the fact that he did not perform it with Robert. The judges have been raving about the connection between J.T. and his All-Star, but his Bollywood routine with Marko was his best yet. After a season of watching Robert spin J.T. around, the new style was a refreshing change for the young dancer and it made me truly understand why J.T. deserves to be in the final four.

J.T.'s favorite dance was "The Mirror" by Travis Wall since he chose to perform it again on Sept. 5, but my favorite J.T. dance was the Bollywood routine he performed earlier in the night. With mimicking Marko's moves, J.T. still got to show off that adorable personality that so many people have come to love, but he also got to show off what an incredible dancer he is. Judge Jason Derulo said how the dance proved he's not just a cute kid — he's "limitless."

While I can't deny that Robert and J.T. have created some compelling and charismatic routines, there was something about J.T. performing with Marko that made me enjoy this particular performance more than any of his before. He was fiercer than usual and even though it was obvious he was being pushed to his limits, he proved himself in the high-energy and difficult routine. Maybe I'm just kind of bored with seeing Robert acting in a fatherly role in dances with J.T., but I kind of wish that J.T. had been partnered with Marko earlier. Yet, no matter who J.T. dances with on So You Think You Can Dance, he's always a star and has a solid chance of winning the entire show.

Image: Adam Rose/FOX