'O.C.' Quotes That Sum Up Your Fall Struggle

If you want a land of perpetual summer (i.e. a south California paradise where the seasons are only marked by the occasional argyle sweater), you turn to The O.C. Even though the show’s focus is usually on the school year, The O.C. sums up the passing of summer so nicely with its Tijuana road trips and seaside bonfires. But, hey, with the passing of Labor Day and the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the arrival of fall is undeniable. And luckily, with a bit of clever repurposing, The O.C. can sum up your autumn struggles as well.

So, wait, what’s the difference between end-of-summer problems and fall problems? Well, if we’re going to be honest, there are not a ton. But, as far as this goes, we’re gonna tackle the issues you’re more likely to run into when you’re getting deeper into sweater weather season, when school carnival drama would have already boiled over, and your bestie would have already been sent to a public school on the other side of town. Um. That is, if you existed in a teen melodrama from the mid-2000s. You know what I mean.

So, without further delay, here are a sampling of O.C. quotes that should perfectly compliment all your autumn issues.

1. When The Weather Starts Dipping And You Have To Cardigan-Up

Some people dread pollen and can't take sun exposure, and I respect that. When you're a cold-blooded waif like me, though, you absolutely cave to the cold.

2. When You Can’t Get Something Off The Café Secret Menu

Look, I understand you can't just dole up hand-stirred iced coffees to just any rando, but I saw this online. Don't act like you can't make it for me.

3. And When You Can’t Get Enough Of Pumpkin Spice Everything

Some horrible girl ahead of you in line took the last pumpkin loaf, and you almost had an aneurysm because you were so upset.

4. When You Try Valiantly To Repurpose Your Summer Fling As A Long Term Option

Like I don't know, we spent all season making out and you still refer to me as "dude" in public. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

5. Or When Going Out Scarily Become Less Of A Priority

It says it's dipping to 54 tonight. It might just be better if you stay in and work on your Supernatural fanfiction or something.

6. When Your Friends Are Still Worried About Your End-Of-The-Season Bender Deep Into September

Look, I know things got a little crazy back in August, but that was Summer Me talking, and certainly Summer Me drinking.

7. When You're Looking Into An Amazing Group Costume For You And Your Squad And All You Can Come Up With Is "Alice In Wonderland Characters, But Bloody"

I'm sorry. I really can only afford to repurpose my 10th grade costume.

8. When Your Roommate Is Jumping The Gun About Two Holidays Ahead Of Time

You get back to the apartment one afternoon, and there's tinsel and menorahs all over the apartment.

9. When Every Time You Drive Past The Beach You Get A Little Misty-Eyed

This is a harsh reality for any of us marooned on one of the coasts.

10. And Likewise When You're Not Sure If This Is The Last Time You'll See The Cute Ice Cream Truck Guy For The Season And It's Giving You Feels

He said he'll be around until October, but what if he doesn't drive by my block next week? What if he doesn't drive by my block?

11. When The Weather Transitions Too Harshly Before You Have To Go Out And You're Stuck In Some Ill-Fitting Top From Last Season

Did this sweater magically get super stretched sometime between February and now? I'm so confused.

12. And When Everyone Is Back To Their Regular, Fun-Hating Lives

No more spontaneous trips to Tijuana, no more seaside bonfires. I guess it's back to marathon watching The O.C. 'till the dawn of warmer days.

Not that I'm complaining.

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