'BiP's Grant & Lace May Be Going to The Chapel

Since it's now September, it's officially (well, not really) fall! And, as I pull on a sweater no matter the weather and order my pumpkin spiced latte, it's time for Bachelor in Paradise to wrap up its third season. As fans have seen so far in Bachelor in Paradise's two-part Season 3 finale, that means people are leaving Puerto Vallarta left and right, but do the couples left standing have a shot at a love like Jade and Tanner Tolbert's? Will Grant and Lace get married and add another level of commitment on top of matching tattoos?

To recap: Grant and Lace were pretty much a strong Bachelor in Paradise couple since the beginning of the season — though there was a minor detour on the first night when Lace spent most of her time wrapped up in Hurricane Chad. But, when she spoke to Grant the following day, they decided to put that mess behind them and move forward with pursuing their own relationship. Since then there hasn't been too much trouble in Paradise for these two. Sure, Grant said "I love you" and it took Lace a little while longer to say it. And, sure, Lace sort of instigated a fight with Grant after flirting with Carl, but they got matching tattoos, so they're obviously in it for the long haul.

Does that mean Grant and Lace will be getting married? All signs point to yes. They're a solid couple. They've been solid throughout the season, going on a double date with Vinny and Izzy and generally staying out of the drama. Remember when Grant organized a mini-date for himself and Lace so they could have some time alone? Come on, they are lowkey the Jade and Tanner of Season 3 and Bachelor Nation fans know it.

Plus, those of us who have been following Bachelor Nation news have probably known for a while that these two will make things work post-Paradise. Grant and Lace were spotted together hanging out near her home in Denver, Colorado earlier this summer (after filming wrapped). If they aren't still together, why would they spend time together after Bachelor in Paradise? That's a rhetorical question, because they probably wouldn't.

Of course, as fans of Bachelor Nation will tell you, not all engagements end in marriage. There have been plenty of contestants who found love on The Bachelor or one of its spinoffs but didn't end up getting married. That said, I think Grant and Lace may beat the odds and settle down in a love story that rivals Jade and Tanner. The only thing I'm doubtful of is whether they'll agree to a TV wedding — they almost seem too lowkey for it. But, again, they did get matching tattoos so they're obviously at least a little wild.

As for when they'll get married? It's hard to tell. Grant is obviously moving a little faster in his feelings, and Lace takes things slower. That may mean they won't head down the aisle for a bit. But, whenever, if ever, they get married, let's just please never forget that they got matching tattoos.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)