Lace & Grant Got Matching Ink On 'BIP'

Far be it from me to predict anyone’s love life, but I did not really think that Lace Morris and Grant Kemp were going to be walking out of Bachelor In Paradise as a couple, let alone as the steadiest couple on the show. Grant seemed nice and quiet enough on JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette, but Lace was basically a hurricane when she was dating Ben Higgins on his season of The Bachelor. Remember when she got mad at him for not making eye contact? Eesh. But I guess opposites attract! Lace and Grant even got real tattoos on Bachelor In Paradise , proving perhaps that their love is the love that will go the distance.

What does the tattoo say? It’s a script lettering on each of their wrists that says, “Grace,” which is luckily both a combination of their names and a word that means something else, so if they were to ever break up (I’m not saying they will, but anything can happen), they don’t have to pull a Johnny Depp “Wino Forever” situation or go through painful laser removal. It’s actually pretty cute — to be that sure about another person that you want to permanently put an homage to them on your body. I don’t know if I’m ready for that, and I’m a married woman. Lace and Grant even got tattooed while on Bachelor In Paradise, so there are plenty of pictures documenting their ink excursion.

I gotta tell you — Lace and Grant look so in love and so calm for two people who are about to have a needle inserted in and out of their respective wrists thousands of times. They are kissing through the pain! I wonder if the producers came up with this idea for their one-on-one or if it was just a random thing that Lace and Grant decided to do (I’m sure even the Bachelor In Paradise producers can’t force someone to get a tattoo). I also love how Lace showed off her tattoo like a newlywed holding up a bouquet after she was done.

Ugh, they're so cute. And don't worry — Grant was just as brave getting his done.

I'm glad that the show is finally acknowledging the fact that Lace and Grant got tattoos together, because it's hard to hide that Lace and Grant probably get engaged. They were seen hanging out at the pool near her apartment in Denver together, and then Lace was snapped in the airport showing off her new relationship ink. Lace and Grant are like, the worst kept secret since Kaitlyn and Shawn, Bachelor Nation wise. It's cool, though — I love these two together.

Lace is fiery and Grant seems to keep his calm most of the time. After she removed herself from Ben's season, Lace said she was taking some time to work on herself and her own issues. To be with someone who is working through things, you have to be a strong person. Grant must be, because he takes everything with Lace in stride. He loves her and wants to be with her, no matter what. Tattoos or not, I think that Lace and Grant will really go the distance after Bachelor In Paradise, Jade and Tanner style.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (4)