MAC's Liptensity Collection Is Coming Soon

If you haven't already seen the news on Instagram or Snapchat, some beauty bloggers and influencers previewed the new MAC Liptensity collection on Wednesday before its launch. The collection features 24 shades of an innovative new lipstick formula with highly pigmented, intense hues — hence the name!

Even though lucky members of the beauty industry have already gotten a sneak peak of MAC's new lipstick line, you won't have to wait too long until you can purchase the highly pigmented lipsticks that will be available online on Sept. 20 and in-store on Sept. 21.

The Liptensity collection is definitely one-of-a-kind for the bold makeup brand as the new formulas were created by tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg. Seaberg can apparently see millions of hues, 100 million to be exact, which is above average what the normal human eye can see. Not only will the colored lipsticks be like ones you have never seen before, the lipsticks use MAC's high-frequency tetra chromatic pigments so that each individual lipstick of the line has the most color in the formula ever.

The Liptensity lipsticks will be $21 each, which are a little bit more expensive compared to their normal shades at $17 each. It's worth the few extra dollars because this new formula will be bolder than anything MAC cosmetics has ever had before.

Get a preview of some of the new shades below:

1. Hellbore

Hellbore, $21,

This vibrant mid-tone purple color will be perfect for fall.

2. Postmodern

Postmodern, $21,

With this bright of a hue, the pigment will probably stay on for a long time.

3. Fireworks

Fireworks, $21,

Can't forget a classic red lip in any new lipstick collection.

Images: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics (4)