Here's The Rihanna x Puma Fenty Restock Situation

When it's good, it's gone! Some of the pieces in the Rihanna x Puma Fenty collection are already sold out at the Puma site, such as the Drawstring Graphic Tee, the cropped, long-sleeved Kimono top, the Rising Sun Lacing Sweatshirts, and the Lacing Rib Dress, to name a few. That's understandable, since the contemporary athleisure collection is flawlessly executed urban street style, complete with plenty of RiRi-approved details. My favorite offering is the Sneaker Boot Wedge, a chunky 'n' clunky, '90s-inspired shoe. Despite several pieces selling out already, there are plenty of items that remain shoppable, like the Lacing Long Bras in black and white, the Lacing Tights, and the cropped mock neck with long sleeves.

I don't expect any or all of these items to stick around for too long. So if you are mulling anything in particular, I recommend acting fast. Why wait? But once everything sells out, will the Rihanna x Puma Fenty collection be restocked?

The answer is we don't know. This could be a totally seasonal collection, with a fresh influx of threads on deck for the Spring/Summer season.

That said, Bustle reached out to Puma PR reps to inquire about whether or not Rihanna x Puma Fenty will be restocked or if it's a "once it's gone, it's gone for good" range.

Drawstring Graphic T-Shirt, $120,

This unusual tee is already sold out! Boo! Hiss!

Rising Sun Lacing Sweatshirt, $150,

Samesies for this hoodie.

Sneaker Boot Wedge, $350,

These behemoths, and I meant that with the greatest affection, are still available. I love nothing as much as I love these, in terms of this collection.

Lacing Long Bra, $140,

This bra is also shoppable. It looks like something Britney Spears would have rocked in the '00s, right?

There's plenty of items that are cute and available in a variety of sizes. Your best bet is to head over to the Puma site and start scooping up pieces now.

Images: Courtesy of Puma (5)