What Is Lace's Job After 'BiP'?

by Hannah Shapiro

Summer is truly over. Bachelor in Paradise has wrapped and it was everything I hoped it would be. People fought, people broke up, and three couples get engaged. In a process that only lasts a few weeks, three engagements is mind boggling. There was sweet mom of two Amanda Stanton and controversial contestant Josh Murray; self-proclaimed weirdos Carly Waddell and Evan Bass; and the sexy pairing of Lace Morris and Grant Kemp. Lace and Grant were together since early on in Mexico and turned out to be one of the strongest pairings. Lace, who was living in Denver at the time, has decided to make the move to San Francisco to be with Grant. While we know Grant is a firefighter, what is Lace's job in San Francisco? She's most likely planning a return to real estate while building her brand and promoting products online.

In Lace's original Bachelor bio (feels like so long ago), she listed her job as a Real Estate Agent. But with Bachelor fame comes the opportunity to expand one's personal brand and Lace appears to have focused on that. That doesn't mean that, post Paradise, Lace will only focus on her personal brand expansion. My guess is that she will continue promoting products with her new celebrity and plan to return to her pre Bachelor job but in San Francisco.

Many Bachelor world contestants utilize their newfound social media fame. Lace who has 226k followers on Instagram thanks to her days collecting roses, can make money simply by promoting products online. This is not to say that it is a full time career but contestants often support new passions through the ability to make money with a single post. While I'm sure Lace loves this teeth whitening product, showing her fans as much is also an easy way to make bank.

Lace, who was always interested in modeling, can now do so naturally through social media. Lace has turned herself into a brand. Therefore, she can model her outfits on Instagram and Instagram modeling is a great option for a Bachelor contestant with a built in fan base. Many contestants even hire professional photographers to shoot "natural" social media posts that promote products and clothing.

With all this personal brand expansion, Lace probably won't feel the immediate need to jump back into real estate. I do think though, once she has settled into San Francisco, it wouldn't be too surprising for Lace to return to her old career. Real estate seems flexible enough that she could do that part time while modeling and promoting products. Regardless of what she chooses, it is clear that Lace gained much more than a man on Bachelor in Paradise.

Image: ABC