You'll Take Chyna's Side In This Fight With Rob

In just a few days, fans will finally get to watch the premiere of Rob & Chyna. Considering the couple has been making headlines ever since they started dating, it's bound to be crazy-good. Even the previews make Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's whirlwind romance look entertaining. In an Us Weekly exclusive clip, Kardashian and Chyna get in a phone related fight on Rob & Chyna. And while fights are never a good thing, Chyna's reaction is totally warranted. In fact, you'll probably be on her side this time.

Here's what goes down: After she finds Kardashian trying to check her phone, she admits she changed her password. They argue back and forth about who she could be texting. Then, she tells the camera,

"I don't even understand why Rob would think that I'm doing anything wrong. I'm four months pregnant. I have two businesses that I'm running. I'm with King. And I literally don't leave the house, so what could I possibly be doing?"

Touché Chyna. There's no reason for Kardashian not to trust his fiancée. Trust is an important — if not, the most important — part of a relationship, and while it may be tempting to look through her phone, it's not worth the fight. After hearing Chyna's laundry list of her responsibilities, there's no way she'd be cheating on him; she simply doesn't have the time. Plus, I'd like to think she cares too much about Kardashian to even consider it.

Check out the dramatic moment below.

Although she appears to be right in this fight, there's definitely some mutual distrust that occurred. In the very first trailer for Rob & Chyna , there's a snippet of Chyna screaming, "Are you still texting b*tches? Yes or no?" to Kardashian on the phone. Some understanding and respect for one another's privacy could go a long way for these two. I really am rooting for them to make things work, so it's a bummer to see them get into repeated fights.

Based on their recent social media posts, it seems like Chyna and Kardashian are in a better place since filming, but clearly it wasn't an easy road. In which case, good for them for working through their issues. Or at least I sure hope they did.