How To Dress Up As Eevee For Halloween

Arguably one of the cutest Pokemon in existence, Eevee, will be your Halloween #inspo this year, so buckle up for this list of Eevee Halloween costume ideas. There are so many ways to mix it up with this character — the sky is your only real limit, folks! Just know that people will come up to you and compliment you all night. If that's not something you are ready for, maybe tone it down and choose a less cool Pokemon.

According to Bulbapedia, the Normal-type Pokemon has eight different evolutions. Due to its irregularly shaped genetic structure, you can potentially have an all-Eevee Pokemon team. That's actually amazing if you think about it! You can battle any Pokemon-type by pairing your Eevee appropriately. Don't tell me "Pokemon Go" hasn't given you anything. And with the popularity of the mobile game this year, a lot of people will be attempting to put together a Pokemon costume for the festivities. You will need to be original and think outside the box to really stand out.

So when picking an outfit for this year's Halloween festivities, why not choose to rock one of the Eevee looks below? It's great for people who are going solo or those who have a group of friends turning up together. You'll just need to pick the type of Eevee out of a hat, so it's fairly shared amongst friends. Besides that, you are welcome to embrace your very own inner Ash Ketchum and explore what it means to be a true Pokemon master. So go out there and have fun!

1. Original Eevee

Starting off with the OG Eevee is always a great idea. Not only can you pass for a regular fox if need be, everyone who is Poke-hip will know who you are!

What You'll Need: Eevee's beautiful coat was always a light brown color. You can recreate it by wearing a brown dress. Wrap a white fur scarf around your neck and add a fox tail to match. The finishing touch is the official Eevee headband that mirrors Eevee's actual ears.

T-shirt Dress, $11,WearAll; Faux Fur Pull-Through Scarf, $20, Guess; Fox Tail, $11, Amazon; Eevee Headband, $28, Etsy

Image: Polyvore

2. Vaporeon

Eevee turns into Vaporeon when exposed to moonstones.

What You'll Need: Since Vaporeon is a water-type, you will want to invest into a nice flow-y blue dress. An official Vaporeon headband will create the gills you need. Finish the look off by carrying a little squirt gun to show people not to mess with ya!

Blue Dress, $31, Abaday; Vaporeon Headband, $35, Etsy; Squirt Gun, $4, RetroPlanet

Image: Polyvore

3. Jolteon

This might be the closest you'll get to catching a Pikachu in real life.

What You'll Need: Since Jolteon is an electric-type Pokemon you will be living in the yellow family for the night. You'll need a yellow dress that you can adorn with lightning bolts, paired with a lightning bolt necklace and yellow gloves. Top it all off with a Jolteon specific hat and you're ready to fry up your enemies.

Yellow Dress, $32, OASAP

Image: Polyvore

4. Flareon

My favorite Eevee-lution for sure! Something about the huge fire-like tail makes me want to get creative this Halloween!

What You'll Need: This look is red on red on red. You'll start off with a red dress or any combination of a red base. Your makeup should include your favorite red lipstick. Red earrings and maybe a fire inspired manicure can be a hint. Find a pair of flamed out shoes to make it look like you're creating fire. Finally, add a Flareon headband that it'll make you instantly recognizable.

Red Dress, $14, Buckle; Lipstick, $21, Walgreens; Red Earrings, $10, BlueFly; Fire- Inspired Manicure, $8, EchoClubHouse; Fire Heels, $46, Heels; Headband, $34, Etsy

Image: Polyvore

5. Leafeon

The magnificent Leafeon is a newer Eevee-olution of Eevee that some people will really appreciate. This is how you will know those true Pokemon Halloween fans.

What You'll Need: Start off by getting a layered green dress that will make it look like your body is a plant. Add green vines around you to show that you have Leafeon-like powers. Wrap a green scarf and green gloves around yourself to be both warm and creative. Lastly, get a professionally made Leafeon headband with ears on it to really finish off the look.

Layered Dress, $15, LuxuryDivas; Green Vines, $4, Amazon; Scarf and Gloves Set, $25, LuxuryDivas; Headband, $30, Etsy

Image: Polyvore

6. Evil Eevee

The dark version of your favorite cutie can be the answer to your Halloween troubles.

What You'll Need: Start with an Eevee headband that will help people recognize what you're going for. Then add a black dress and black makeup. You can create little creepy eyes with eyeliner. Black nail polish is always a good touch to show the dark side of things. Add a black tail into the mix and you are an evil version of the cutest Pokemon around.

Headband, $28, Etsy; JINsoon Nail Polish, $18, Saks Fifth Avenue; Black Tail, $27, Amazon

Image: Polyvore

7. Eevee Fangirl

Show your true Eevee pride by dressing up like her number one fan-girl. That means busting out all of your Eevee memorabilia or acquire more of it! Luckily for you, the internet is a pretty huge fan as well.

What You'll Need: Start off with the basics — accessories. An Eevee necklace and earring set will show that you are not afraid to dive into the small details for the look. Add a Pokemon backpack to carry your Eevee Plush toy in order to bust out the wonder at any party. An Eevee shirt depicting all of Eevee's evolutions paired with an Eevee hoodie will set this whole thing over the top.

Necklace, $11, Hot Topic; Pokemon Backpack, $14, Amazon; Plush Toy, $11, Amazon

Image: Polyvore

Have an adorable Halloweeveen!

Images: Giphy (8), WB