Dress Like "Cake By The Ocean" For Halloween

I'll be honest with you guys: I have zero clue what it means to "eat cake by the ocean." Given the less-than-clean origins of many bizarre colloquialisms, maybe it's better that I don't. Instead, when I listen to DNCE's "Cake By The Ocean," I think of a tropical sunset on a sandy beach, a picnic blanket, and a hunk of red velvet cake made specifically for me. I have a feeling that DNCE wasn't literally inspired by a birthday party at the beach, but, regardless, it's a pretty nice moment to muse on. And because so few people know what the song really means, it's easy to take literally — which is why this track would make the absolute perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween may be a candy holiday, but there's no reason why your costume can't be reminiscent of a breezy beach and a dessert reserved for the most special of celebrations. The best part about going as "Cake By The Ocean" for Halloween? You'll easily figure out which of your friends are cool when they figure out what your costume actually means. As for the song itself? That's still a total mystery to me.

Here's what you'll need to gather to put together the most epic "Cake By The Ocean" costume.

1. Buy A Blue Suit

Want to look like the ocean? Get comfortable with being blue.

Adult Blue Partysuit, $34.99, Party City

2. Grab Some Light Blue Streamers

Being blue won't make you look like the ocean — but attaching streamers as "waves" will. Using fabric glue (try Aleene's No Sew Fabric Glue, available at Michael's for $3.49) and glue the streamers on the suit in the form of waves that come off out of the suit.

3. Don A Pair Of Boat Shoes

Get it? Boats sail on the ocean. You can purchase these American Eagle Women's Beck Boat Shoes for $34.99 at Payless' online store.

4. Slip On This Grass Skirt

Not only will you feel a little less exposed by rocking a skirt over a body suit, but your costume will represent both the sand and surf. Score this Adult Natural Grass Hula Skirt from Party City for $9.99. Though the adjustable skirt fits most adults and teens, and you can always purchase a second skirt and tie it to the first if you find it too snug. If it's too large, you can also cut the skirt and tie it together to the customize the size.

5. Put On Your Party Hat

This is the part of your costume that all of your friends will want to take selfies with, so feel free to use some bobby pins to keep the hat snug on your hair. You can buy this Happy Birthday Cake Hat for $19.95 at Elope's shop on Amazon.

And, there you have it: you are officially "Cake By The Ocean." Feel free to pass out cupcakes to trick-or-treaters if you're feeling particularly sweet.

Images: Party City (3); Payless; Amazon