How Much Does The Adidas Originals By Alexander Wang Cost? There Might Be Something For Everyone

When Vogue revealed that Alexander Wang was creating a line with adidas Originals, surely had plenty of hungry fashion-lovers wondering the same thing: How much is adidas Originals by Alexander Wang going to cost?

From Kanye West to Topshop, Adidas is pretty skilled at producing amazing, accessible collaborations that won't hurt your wallet — at least not too badly. Don't worry, despite Wang's high fashion name, this particular collection might not cost as much as you fear. In fact, there just might be a little something for everyone.

"The collab includes 84 pieces of unisex clothing and shoes (we're guessing sneakers), and riffs on the idea of counterfeit goods," Refinery 29 reported. "Each of the items are emblazoned with an upside-down Adidas logo, and shirts are printed with email conversations and non-disclosure agreements."

You read that right — we're about to be treated to a whopping 84 pieces, which probably means there will be enough items to hit a variety of price ranges.

According to Footwear News, we can expect this collection to toe the line perfectly between urban and sporty, giving the wearer a fun, downtown, off-duty look, including "suede and perforated flatforms and a late ’90s-style runner with built in knit sock details and boost soles."

On top of shoes, the monochrome collection will include tees, crop tops, hoodies, pants, jackets, and a patent trench, promising to give an urban-wear enthusiast a sudden urge to fist bump the air excitedly.

As for prices, Adidas has been relatively hush-hush about the actual range. The prices range from $80 USD to $200 USD for tees and hoodies, but there aren't any specifics on what will cost what. More information on the prices will hopefully be available soon, particularly since Vogue reported that a nine piece capsule collection will be available at pop-up trucks around New York City on Sept.11.

So if you're more keen on nabbing shoes rather than tees and hoodies, keep an ear out on social media today — the capsule collection might give you a better idea on what to expect from the full price range.

Images: @adidasoriginals/ Instagram (5); Getty (1)