Rob Dyrdek Becomes A Dad & Welcomes His Kid To The World With A Bunch Of Nicknames — PHOTO

While he may have built a career by goofing off on national TV, Rob Dyrdek just took on a much more serious role. No, he's not starring in a new drama or dark comedy. Instead, Dyrdek officially became a father. According to Us Weekly, his wife Bryiana Dyrdek gave birth to their son on Friday, Sept. 9. The 42-year-old shared the exciting news on his Instagram and wrote,

Say hello to Kodah Dash Dyrdek aka Dash aka KD aka K-Dash aka Dah-Da... Born 9/9/16 on 7:28pm... 7.7 ounces. Myself and @bryianadyrdek_ feel so incredibly blessed and thankful for our healthy baby boy.

Kodah is such a precious name. I'm somewhat surprised that he didn't name him after his TV BFF and body guard, Big. Despite that slight disappointment, the kid is only a few days old and already has a whole collection of nicknames. It was obvious that the MTV star was going to be a cool dad, but this definitely further proves that point. Who wouldn't want to be known as K-Dash?

Along with the caption, he shared a photo of the newborn. The sweet baby has his eyes closed, but surely this is just the first of many photos of the kid. Or at least I sure hope so. He's also wearing the cutest little hat.

The Dyrdeks got married last September and this is their first child together. A few weeks before the baby arrived, Dyrdek gushed over his wife on Instagram. In the caption of one of her maternity photos, he wrote,

As much as I love this woman with all of my being I could never express how proud I am of how strong she is. We are weeks away from bringing our son into this world and I have been in awe of how well she has handle the difficult task of growing a child and preparing to become a mother.

Super sweet! It sounds like Kodah already has parents who care so much about him. Plus, based on his dad's career, I can imagine that the kid will grow up to be a prankster, skateboarder, or something fun like that. But in the meantime, his priorities probably include napping and looking cute. So basically, he's already living the dream.