45 Amazing Photos Of Women Showing Their Tummies

Sadly, most of us grew up hating at least one part of our body. Even the most confident of women can feel down some days, and usually, the negativity is focused on our bellies. But not for these girls. Here are photos of 45 women showing off their bellies, teaching us all how to embrace our bodies no matter what they look like or have been through.

Magazines and ads full of tiny waists and washboard abs can really dilute our thinking. The truth is this: Women are designed to carry weight around their stomachs. It's a simple, scientific truth that some markets would rather us forget. We need fat in our bellies for things like using fat stores to support the growth and nourishment of a baby, survive a period of famine, or protect our internal organs (kind of important, don't you think?). And those "love handles" aren't detrimental to your health either. In fact, most weight gain in our midsection is classified as subcutaneous fat, resting just under your skin. This kind of fat, doctors agree, is not in any way threatening to your health. So what's the big deal?

We can change the way we feel about our bodies by getting honest about what women look like, and lifting each other up for embracing our natural forms. Here are 45 ladies who are speaking love, truth, and confidence about their bellies.

1. Gala Darling

Gala Darling is the author of "Radical Self-Love," and lives out its title every day on Instagram.

2. Jessamyn

Jessamyn is a yogi and total badass who loves to keep it real.

3. Amina Mucciolo

Welcome to the happiest account on Instagram.

4. Tess Holiday

Tess is now one of the most iconic "plus size" models around, and is total mom goals as well. You'll love her wit and encouragement.

5. Anna Victoria

Anna is a fitness trainer with one million followers, but that doesn't make her exclusive. She's always advocating and encouraging health over any specific body type, and forever showing the whole of her life.

6. Stephanie

Entrepreneur. Runner. Foodie. Mama. There's nothing she doesn't (and couldn't) do.

7. Essie

Preach, sister.

8. Alysse

Go ahead and stare.

9. Megan

Follow along for some dreamy and inspiring photoshoots!

10. Kenzie B.

Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

11. Kathleen

Rolls aren't just for cinnamon (and thank God!)

12. Julie Wills

There's nothing sexier than a strong woman, and Julie Wills is an example of that.

13. Courtney

This writer and blogger isn't hiding.

14. Jodie

Bustle's very own Jodie is a positive role model for all body types.

15. Rebecca

Follow her account for some serious style inspo and body positivity.

16. Kandi

See? Showing your tummy doesn't have to be so scary. It can be fun.

17. Jes

Her motto? Lose the bullshit, love your body. And wear what you want!

18. Loose Skin Queen aka Amanda Roberts

Our bodies change and evolve. Embrace it.

19. Curve Creation

Werk it!

20. Alexis

Confidence really is the most attractive attribute.

21. Rachel

Beautiful words. Let's take our tummies back from Western media, cultural standards, and unrealistic demands.

22. Reetta

Rolls are not only beautiful, but totally universal no matter your size. It's how our bodies bend! Let's embrace all of ourselves.

23. Brooke aka Self Love Club

Don't be afraid to get loud and proud about your tummy.

24. Power to Prevail

A little jiggle shouldn't stop you from dancing.

25. Pam

I love what she has to say about stomach shame and unrealistic expectations.

26. Rachel of Love My Middle

They're called love handles for a reason.

27. Savannah

Focus on loving yourself at every stage.

28. Morena

Give your belly a love squeeze.

29. Melissa Hartwig

Founder and creator of the Whole30 nutrition program shows off how great it feels to eat whole food — and as much as your body wants! Her feed is a cool place for positive chat about nutrition.

30. Vranzi

Find beauty in the normal, everyday moments and body parts.

31. Wednesday

How adorable is she?

32. Breathing For Free

Free The Belly!

33. Jenny Be From The Block

Taking care of your body should always be top priority.

34. Elle

First step to falling in love with your belly? Stop hiding it.

35. Ashley Graham

This supermodel is always here to remind us that worth is not measured by waist size.

36. Halle

Your belly can do some amazing things.

37. Kali

Every belly is a bikini-ready belly!

38. Amanda

Loving every part of you can be a process, and that's okay.

39. Krista McPherson


40. Tiphini Denise Jean

You're allowed to love your body.

41. Chelsea

Rolls aren't the enemy. They're just what makes you human.

42. Kokobie

Celebrate all your body has helped you achieve.

43. Daniela

Our bellies deserve love, attention, and positivity.

4. Amy Schumer

Possibly the greatest comeback of all time.

45. Nefarious

Sexy comes in all sizes and shapes.

Image: Nefarious00/Instagram