Here's What To Expect From Gwyneth x Goop Apparel

Gwynnie and Goop are launching into high gear... literally. After successfully contributing to the cosmetics realm with her Juice Beauty line, Oscar winner and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop site/brand are launching a clothing line. But with a twist.

Paltrow has often been criticized regarding the expensive home goods and fashion items she touts on the Goop site. Even so, she remains one of the most stylish celebs. Fans and haters are always curious about what she's wearing to red carpets and events. According to The New York Times, Paltrow's Goop Label will offer its limited edition clothing pieces starting Monday, Sept. 12.

Paltrow was firm that she is not becoming a fashion designer. Instead, she worked with her team and inspo came from her own closet.

So what's in the Goop Label collection and what can you expect? Here's the overall vibe. "I have kept an archive of my most influential fashion pieces, things that came to mean something to me," Paltrow said about the personal inspo. "It encompasses a lot of different time periods, lovers, countries."

As for the more specific intel? Goop Label items will be unveiled monthly, with as many as five pieces going on sale. The clothes are manufactured in small quantity, with Paltrow telling The New York Times that only "dozens" have been made. Once an item sells out, it won't restock.

The first Goop Label drop will include a jacket, a chambray shirt, a pair of culottes, and a cotton canvas tote with a leather bottom.

Here's another sneak peek. As for pricing? The chambray shirt will cost you $195. There's a gray tweet belted blazer on the horizon for $695. So Goop Label certainly isn't cheap. But you have to look at it this way. If you invest in something from Goop Label apparel and you wear it with tons of stuff already in your closet and often, the cost-per-wear will be mere pennies.

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That's the scoop on Goop Label.

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