A Dog Ears Round-Up To Get Ready For Halloween

Usually cat ears and bunny ears (and mouse ears, duh) are the most popular picks for Halloween. Thanks to the well-loved puppy filter on Snapchat, I've got a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot of dog ears at all the Halloween parties and costume contests this year. Yep, I'm personally forecasting a lot of puppy costumes and ethereal flower crowns — and the ever-popular giant crying eyes/rainbow vomit filter might make a few appearances as well.

And Snapchat or no, dog ears represent a low-maintenance look that you can really have a lot of fun with — you can add the ears on as an accoutrement to anything from a full-on plush suit, to something a little more abstract, like a black and white polka dotted dress. You can dress it up with some face paint, or let the ears (and maybe tail if you're really feeling festive) do the talking for you. Plus, pop culture is full of great dog inspirations — there's everything from Snoopy to Dug from Up. All in all, dogs can make for a great last-minute Halloween look — so if it's something you're interested in, read on for a handy dog ears round-up for some quick shopping inspiration.

Dark Brown Velvet Dog Floppy Ears

Dark Brown Velvet Dog Puppy Floppy Ears, $8, eBay

Here's a good way to get things off to a simple start — this no-nonsense dog ear headband is the perfect finishing touch for your costume.

Dog Costume Nose

Disguise Inc Dog Costume Nose, $6, Amazon

If you're looking to go full Snapchat puppy filter, this nose might just do the trick.

Brown and Black Super Shaggy Oversized Puppy Ears

Brown and Black Super Shaggy Oversized Puppy Ears, $25, Etsy

Here's an adorably shaggy take on the look.

Dog Puppy Ears Headband/Ear Warmer

Dog Puppy Ears Headband/Ear Warmer, $12, Etsy

This hand-knitted headband is great for a quirky touch in a cooler climate.

Spotted Puppy Ears Headband

Spotted Puppy Ears Headband, $8, Amazon

Now, if you're looking to do a doubles costume with a friend, these dalmatian ears definitely go nicely with your standard puppy ears.

Kids Cute Animal Ears Headband Party Costume

Kids Cute Animal Ears Headband Party Costume, $5, Amazon

You could always take things up a notch by adding a matching bow tie and tail.

Puppy Ears Party Favors

Puppy Ears Party Favors, $12, Etsy

Heck, go for a group costume with all different types of dog ears — these handmade versions come in doberman, basset hound, and dalmatian.

Wildlife Artists Plush Wolf Headband

Wildlife Artists Plush Wolf Headband, $6, Amazon

Wolf ears also make a great option for Halloween — after all, there are so many fun references you can make, from Hangover-style wolf packs, to the Big Bad Wolf.

Jacobson Hat Company Men's Wolf Hat

Jacobson Hat Company Men's Wolf Hat, $4, Amazon

Here's the cozy, fuzzy take on the look.

Puppy Blue Ears Fleece Hat Beanie

Puppy Blue Ears Fleece Hat Beanie , $24, Etsy

Perfect your happy dance, and recruit a Woodstock, and you've got the perfect Snoopy costume.

Pet Apparel Bunny Ears

Pet Apparel Bunny Ears, $5, Target

Now, if you're looking to flip the script, make your poor dog wear bunny ears this Halloween. It'll a little bit seasonally inappropriate and a lot cute.

Image: kyliejenner/Instagram; Courtesy Brands