Britney's Not A Regular Mom, She's A Cool Mom

Quick! Think of the best things about the '90s. You may have picked *NSYNC or Furbys, but Britney Spears and Pokémon definitely belong on that list. In the perfect union of all things from the beloved decade, Spears threw her sons a Pokémon themed birthday party over the weekend and you need to see the photos. To quote a certain Lindsay Lohan movie (ahem, Mean Girls), Brit Brit is not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. Jayden James and Sean Preston definitely earned major points among their friends for this.

Both of Spears' sons are turning double digits this year, as she noted in the caption. Plus, the Pokéball decorations on the table help show off their ages. Jayden turned 10 on Sept. 12, and Preston will be 11 on Sept. 14. In addition to those decorations, all of the goodies on the table look incredible. She took the theme quite seriously.

Thanks to Instagram's new zoom feature, I was able to get an up-close look at the spread. The Pikachu Jell-O containers are a must-see. Then, there's marshmallow sticks with different symbols on them — fire, leaf, water, etc. Near the back, it appears there are Snorklax, Pikachu, and Pokéball cake pops. And did I mention there are two cakes? Each boy has his own Poke-themed dessert. The one on the left is especially adorable.

Besides the snacks, Spears also decided to decorate outside with some birthday balloons. She really went all out to ensure her kids had the best day. I'd also like to note how beautifully blue her pool is. Swimming and Pokemon makes for the perfect party. The only thing that would've made it better would be if she threw mini Goldeens and Magikarps in there. Maybe even a Dragonair for good measure.

Forget about Spears' Vegas show, I'd rather snag an invite to her next family gathering. This party is everything Ash Ketchum could've dreamed of — and more. No wonder Jayden and Preston have those huge grins on their faces.