5 DIY Cat Ear Tutorials For An Easy Costume

Even though it may never be understood why the cat costume is so popular for Halloween, there's no denying that it's one of the easier costumes to wear, whether you want to be an elaborate cat woman or DIY your own cat ears to go with some jeans a atop. In case you end up wearing a last-minute Halloween costume this year, consider making your own cat ears to throw on with an all-black outfit.

Using lace, beads, or pearls, you can easily make some eye-catching cat ears in minutes if you're in need of a costume. (If you don't want to dress up simply as just a cat, you can always consider being Ariana Grande or Katy Perry, since they are always seen wearing cat ears.)

Thanks to the numerous DIY tutorials from vloggers on YouTube, you don't have to search too hard to find ideas on how to make your own cat ears. Most of the tutorials use headbands, so if you have old headbands lying around and have no use for them anymore, you can amp up the look of any cat costume idea.

If you decide to channel your inner Ariana Grande this Halloween, I've rounded up some of the best YouTube tutorials for a costume you won't have to spend too much money on.

1. Bling Cat Ears

With only a few supplies require for this tutorial, you can design a blinged-out pair of cat ears with any beads or jewels you choose.

2. Ribbon Cat Ears

Use wire to shape the cat ears exactly how you want them.

3. Your Own Hair Cat Ears

Here are two easy DIY ways to use your hair to form cat ears!

4. Lace Cat Ears

Making cat ears with lace fabric can give your headband a chicer look.

5. Pearl Cat Ears

Pearl cat ears? How Chanel of you!

Instead of buying an expensive pair from a costume shop, making your own cat ears is a fun and easy way to dress up a simple Halloween look.

Images: Brit+Co/YouTube