Shailene Woodley Wants To Finish The 'Divergent' Series On One Condition

As it turns out, the stars involved in the Divergent series have some reservations about the fourth film in the franchise, Ascendant, being made into a TV movie, as sources told Hollywood Reporter. So when Shailene Woodley was on The Today Show and shared Divergent- style sentiments that she would only do the fourth installment if it was an actual movie — it truly wasn't a surprise. Woodley went on The Today Show to talk about her role in the new Oliver Stone film, Snowden, but when hosts Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist asked her about carrying on her role as Tris (the protagonist is Veronica Roth's novels) in the series, she was very honest about her feelings.

The actor said she would only do the movie if it was actually a movie. She claimed she, "signed up to tell the whole story of Tris," and "would love to be able to do that." But the previous star of Secret Life of the American Teenager is a movie actor now and is not interested in doing TV. At least, not for this project. Woodley has appeared and been cast in lots of intense content lately, from The Fault in Our Stars to the upcoming Snowden, and she's not an actor to underestimate.

But Woodley did make it a point to remind everyone that nothing is set in stone just yet. She said, pretty wisely I might add, "They haven't finalized any decisions, so it's actually a moot point to talk about it now, out of respect to Lionsgate and everyone involved. I'm not exactly sure where they stand so we are kind of all in a limbo game." There's no sense in getting all stirred up based on some hearsay.I'm hopeful Ascendant won't end up being a made-for-tv movie. I like a good movie on the boob tube as much as the next gal, but the quality will probably be nowhere near as good as the first three films in the Divergent series. And if Woodley isn't reappearing in the role of Tris, what's the point anyhow?

Images: The Today Show