Are Taylor Swift & Kesha Teaming Up? These Singers Would Make The Perfect Duo

There are some musical collaborations that never strike you as a possibility until they're placed in front of you. Be it Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson or Bing Crosby and David Bowie, sometimes you don't know until you know, you know? Let me pitch you a third unexpected-yet-brilliant musical collab: Kesha and Taylor Swift. I'll give you a minute to stop your head from spinning. Think about it: These two female pop powerhouses need to collaborate. Kesha and Swift must collaborate at all costs. It's crucial they join sonic forces and fill the world with their message of empowerment. Once you actually let it sit with you for a minute, you begin to wonder how it is you went so long without ever considering the possibility in the first place. We need this collaboration to happen.

It all started when Kesha posted a rather mysterious Instagram on September 11. Writing that she was working with a secret Grammy-winning artist and posting 13 very magical emojis after the announcement, tongues began wagging. You see, "13" just happens to be Swift's lucky number. Swift also happens to be a Grammy-award winning musician. Additionally, fans have latched on to Gigi Hadid's recent reveal that Swift was back in the studio. Seemingly putting one and one together and taking this as a sign Swift was collaborating with Kesha, fans have put the world on high alert that there is indeed magic in our midst. Read: If you're a fan of Kesha, Swift or both, then it's been a very busy 24 hours for you because this news is huge. Huge, I tell you!

Let's stop the rumor mill for a sec and contemplate this news. Kesha collaborating with Swift is a very real possibility for a few reasons. Both women are a fan of incorporating very personal themes into their music. Both also have been know to write an anthem or two in the past, so going back into the "f*ck off anthem" territory (as Kesha writes) would be a easy move to make. Additionally, both women are coming out of respectively difficult periods in their lives. While I'd argue Kesha's legal battle with Dr. Luke is a few degrees of intensity higher than Swift's high-profile feuds and romances, both women have been under a microscopic lens; they deserve an outlet right now. Finally, I'll do you one better: Even if Kesha is only alluding to the fact that "working with" means a Grammy-winning artist is writing a song, Swift has that covered. Earlier this year we learned that she wrote Calvin Harris' hit "This Is What You Came For" under a pseudonym. Covert credits be damned, I think all signs are pointing to Swift at this point.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised Kesha and Swift haven't collaborated yet. They are both at the top of their game right now. In a small way, they both are looking to create new music after a lull in their output. A collaboration would be a solid — and interesting — way to re-enter the charts and the hearts of the public. Can you imagine what they could create together? When they're essentially hit-making machines on their own? Guys, this collaboration needs to happen ASAP, and I will continue the campaign until it does.