These Photos Of Glossier's New Serums Will Have You Reaching For Your Credit Card

Almost no product launch gets beauty world insiders as excited as one from Glossier, and the new Glossier The Supers serums are no exception. As soon as Glossier announced it'd be releasing a new trio of serums a few weeks ago, I've been waiting with bated breath for more information about the launch.

Well the wait is finally over, and we have more information about just what The Supers are, what they do and where they'll be sold. So what's the story behind The Supers? They're three super concentrated serums, but they're designed to be used depending on how your skin feels on a certain day — because skin is constantly changing, and its needs never stay the same for long.

There's Super Glow for when you need to brighten your skin, Super Pure for when it's feeling oily and breakout-prone and Super Bounce for when your face is feeling dry and needs some extra hydration. Cool, right?

The three serums come in three different pastel bottles: baby blue, light pink and lavender. Right now, they're currently available exclusively on the Glossier website for $28 a piece or $65 for the set of three. I mean, check out how gorgeous the minimalist packaging looks.

Glossier and Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss even wore a pink cape and mask to NYFW shows to celebrate the launch of the new product.

A lucky few people got to try out the products early, and their pics of the new serums (and early reviews) are making me more excited to try them out.

See what I mean? The reviews so far are pretty glowing (pardon the pun).

Don't these dreamy pics make you want to try them out?

Luckily it looks like Glossier made plenty of The Supers, because they're still available on the website with no signs of them selling out. These gorgeous pics are convincing me I need to order them stat.

Images: Glossier (2)