Kida's Dance On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Is One Of Nigel's Favorite Routines For Good Reason

While Nigel Lythgoe could have chosen a dance by a perennial favorite choreographer — like Travis Wall or Mandy Moore — during the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance, the seasoned judge went in a different direction. The judges got to pick their favorite routines of The Next Generation season on Sept. 12 and Nigel chose a dance choreographed by Kida as his favorite. That's right — the creator of So You Think You Can Dance deemed that the dance by the teen contestant was one of the best of the season and Nigel was ridiculously spot-on with his decision.

Kida and his All-Star Fik-Shun have been fantastic as performers together, but Kida showed he has talent way beyond his performance skills back on the Aug. 29 episode. The five Next Generation dancers who were still left in the competition at that point were tasked with choreographing a dance for them and their All-Stars and Kida's routine absolutely stood out beyond the rest. Seriously, you can watch "I Can Make Ya" choreographed by the hip-hop whiz kid and think that one of the regular choreographers had created it. The charismatic, robot-inspired piece is a delight to watch and proves just how talented Kida is beyond his years.

The dance put Kida in the driver's seat in multiple ways. He not only got to be in control by choreographing it, but also because he made himself the instructor of Fik-Shun in the routine, leading by example like with their silly and impressive hip swings. I mean, how can you watch that moment and not smile? Their joyous energy is infectious.

Obviously, Kida is quite comfortable being in a position of authority and has showcased that he is a dominant performer, but who knew that he could create such an amazing piece that was definitely one of my favorite hip-hop pieces of the season? And forget about me since what should make him really proud is the fact that the toughest judge on the panel chose his routine — out of the over one hundred pieces performed this season — as one of his favorites. No matter who is crowned America's Favorite Dancer on this season of So You Think You Can Dance, Kida's choreography shows he is definitely a winner.

Image: Patrick Wymore/FOX