Will Taylor Swift's Next Album Be About Tom Hiddleston? The Singer Would Have A Lot To Write About

With the revelation that Taylor Swift is working on new music, according to her friend Gigi Hadid, it's perfectly normal to speculate as to what her next album will be about. While the singer has covered many topics in her songs, including female friendship, independence, and growing up, a large portion of her music has been all about her ex-boyfriends. And not just exes, but also men that she's had crushes on. Even though their relationship only lasted for a few months, will Taylor Swift's new album be about Tom Hiddleston? Please tell me that Hiddleswift isn't dead.

Swift's relationship with Tom Hiddleston was incredibly interesting for several reasons. From their first photographed appearance together kissing on some rocks to the incredibly cute Instagram photos of their July 4 celebrations, Hiddleswift appeared as nothing other than legit to those of us that still believe in love. The fact that the pair introduced each other to their families and friends makes it seem as though the relationship was very much for real. Sure, the romance seemed to start very quickly after Swift's break-up from Calvin Harris, but isn't the singer allowed to date whomever she wants?

If Swift's previous albums are anything to go by, it seems highly likely that Hiddleston will form at least a part of the inspiration for her new music. Which is good, because we need to know everything.

Swift was with former boyfriend Calvin Harris for over a year, and was photographed with Hiddleston just two weeks after announcing her separation from the DJ. While it's likely that Swift and Harris broke up some time before the public found out about it, it's also possible that her connection with Hiddleston contributed to the split. The Thor actor was famously photographed dancing with Swift at the Met Gala in May 2016, so, when the pair were photographed romantically together, it wasn't all that surprising. The turn of events that led to Swift's split from Harris, and her ultimate choice to date Hiddleston, are sure to have involved a lot of conflicting emotions, which would definitely make for captivating song material.

Hiddleston and Swift's relationship has been incredibly public, and it feels as though so many important moments in their courtship have been photographed. It wouldn't be out of character for Swift to document all of the things the public doesn't know about her relationship with The Night Manager actor. For instance, was the connection between the couple instantaneous? Did her family and friends like the British actor? In the same way that Swift documented much of her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal on Red , even referencing the photographs taken of the pair drinking coffee in Brooklyn together over Thanksgiving, might Swift's next album cover her relationship with Hiddleston in as much detail?

From Hiddleston's "I Heart T.S." shirt to the couple's tour of worldwide locations, the relationship is sure to provide Swift with lots of potential album material. Whether or not she actually wants to write about her most recent ex, though, we'll have to wait and see.