'Dirty 30' Stars Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart Offer Day Drinking Advice

Though they've graced computer screens for the majority of their internet-born careers, YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart are expanding their reach. They're taking their fans off of their keyboards and into theaters, as the three ladies are teaming up for a feature length film about getting older. Dirty 30 , about two friends who throw a special thirtieth birthday party for their friend, showcases the social influencers' penchant for having a damn good time.

To celebrate the film, the three leading ladies invited press to go on a wine safari, wherein we see exotic animals and sample various wines along the way. How could I possibly say no? The day at Malibu Wine Safari was filled with refillable wine glasses, a giraffe named Stanley, and a lot of laughs. As we ride through the sprawling property, I get to take a turn sitting next to each of the ladies as we sip wine and swoon in the presence of llamas, zebras, bison, and more. But because we are beginning our day of drinking at 10 am, I'm curious to know: When is too early to start drinking?

"I think it really depends on every person, right?" says Hannah Hart (who, for the record, is not related to co-star Mamrie Hart). "Every time I try and day drink I always just end up falling asleep. Everyone's like 'Yo! Day drinking!' And I'm just asleep. But it's odd, because when I drink at night I'm wide awake. I think the perfect time to start drinking is when it doesn't alarm your friends and family."

And Helbig agrees, sort of. "It depends on the company you keep," the 30-year-old says. "You have to assess the situation. If you're with company like Hannah and Mamrie, time is really an illusion. When there's no judgement, and drinking is encouraged, then any time is a great time. That's why they created bloody Mary's, right?"

While Hart and Helbig think when to start drinking it up for interpretation, the eldest (and perhaps wisest?) of the group, Mamrie Hart, has day drinking down to a science. "I think if you look at the scale of your stress meter, when to start drinking is the opposite number for the time of day." Wait, what? She explains: "So if you're at a 10 in terms of stress, start drinking at 2. I do it in a mathematical form, which is great for rationalizing."

Hey, no rationalizing needed here. Cheers!

Dirty 30 is in select theaters and iTunes on September 23rd.Images: Lionsgate; Giphy [2]