The First Jess 'GG' Revival Photo Is Here

Be still my Jess-loving heart: The first Jess-centric Gilmore Girls revival photo is here, and it's such a perfect throwback to Rory's relationship with him, I can barely handle it. It's so good, in fact, that I know Team Jess fans are going to go crazy for it — in fact, they already are in the comments of the Gilmore Girls Instagram account. And it's really no wonder: After toying with our emotions through social media for the past few months, the Gilmore Girls publicity team has finally given us all what we want, which is some visual proof of Jess' existence in the revival.

Of course, we already knew that Jess was going to be in the Gilmore Girls revival, technically. Considering he's one of Rory's three major boyfriends — all of whom are coming back for the four 90-minute episodes — fans have known for some time that Jess was going to be among the original cast members returning for the revival. But, aside from the announcement that he would be in the new episodes, as well as some red carpet interviews with Milo Ventimiglia himself in which he confirmed it, this is really the first mention of Jess straight from the horse's mouth. And, man, it feels good to live in a world where Jess Mariano is back.

I'm definitely not the only one who feels relieved to have some indication of Jess' presence in the revival confirmed. Pretty much the second the photo was posted, fans took to the comments section to declare their insane delight at having this small hint of Jess' existence. And I can't blame them: I mean, not only does the picture bring up all sorts of feelings about Rory and Jess' relationship — feelings that, for true fans, run incredibly deep — but the picture also brought fans right back to the early stages of Rory and Jess' relationship in a way that few images could.

Even better, the picture is a page from Allen Ginsburg's " Howl," a three-part poem that, kind of like the Gilmore Girls, is basically three giant run-on sentences. Also, it's pretty significant not only because it includes — in what i assume to be Jess' handwriting — "I just wanted to put some notes in the margins for you," in the actual margins.

The note, of course, refers back to the first moment where Rory and audiences learned that Jess wasn't just a bad boy: In Season 2, there's a moment when he gives Rory her copy of "Howl" (she didn't even know he'd borrowed it), and tells her he wanted to put notes in the margins. Gah. Be still my heart.

So, I say well done, Gilmore Girls Instagram. Not only has this Instagram post succeeded in making me tear up a little, but now I'm even more desperate for new GG info.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy