Eva Chen Follows These IG Accounts For NYFW

Fashion month is upon us, and if you're not lucky enough to attend all of the shows (so basically everyone who isn't Kylie Jenner), you're going to have to live vicariously through others on Instagram. Luckily, Eva Chen, Instagram's head of fashion partnerships, has shared her favorite accounts to follow for fashion week.

Even before Eva Chen's Lucky Magazine days, her Instagram account has been worth following, and it has only gotten better now that she works for Instagram — meaning you can definitely trust that she knows which accounts are truly worth a follow this season.

Simply following top brands is not enough to truly immerse yourself in the fashion week experience. You have to expand your network to include everyone from models and editors to photographers and illustrators. And you can never go wrong by following esteemed makeup artist Pat McGrath, because she knows basically everyone.

Now that Instagram Stories have come into play, the list of accounts you should follow for fashion week has grown immensely, as many models, stylists, and journalists can give you a behind-the-scenes look at shows as they happen or a sneak peek of the Spring 2017 makeup trends you'll be seeing in a few months.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here are Eva Chen's top Instagram accounts to follow for fashion week.

1. RS Theory

"I love the creativity of collage artists on Instagram, especially when they take on fashion," explained Chen in a statement. "Check out @rstheory for cool, trippy fashion editorials."

2. Jillian Mercado And Londone Meyers

These two models are all about Instagram Stories. "Models @jilly_peppa and @londonemyers post amazing Stories and show that there's room on the #runwayforall," said Chen.

3. Pamela Golbin

As the chief curator of fashion at Paris' Les Arts Décoratifs, Golbin (@pamelagolbin) gets to mingle with all of the designers and makes amazing Boomerangs in the process. Paris Fashion Week is only a few weeks away!

4. Manjit Thapp

Who doesn't love pretty fashion illustrations? Thapp (@manjitthapp) "illustrates shows from home but give their followers a sense of being there," according to Chen.

5. Gill Button

"Artist @buttonfruit collaborated with Dries Van Noten to hand paint each and every invitation to their Fall 2016 show in Paris," said Chen. "This video is hypnotic!"

6. Jeff Hodsdon

Let's face it, half of us follow fashion week for the street style. Jeff Hodsdon (@the.moments) goes above and beyond the average street style photo in favor of moving portraits. It's as dreamy as it sounds.

If that's not enough, be sure to check out our list of other ways to follow NYFW from the comfort of your couch.