The Book In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Jess Photo Is So Significant — PHOTO

It finally arrived: In anticipation of the upcoming series, the Gilmore Girls revival Instagram account finally released the first Jess photo — and oh my God, is it good. Honestly, after all this time, it's everything a fan could want: Including a picture of a book with a note from Jess scrawled in the margins, it's a major throwback to the series and Jess' relationship with Rory back when the two were in high school in the best possible way — after all, Jess writing in the margins of one of Rory's books is why she first began to see a different side of him. But, as with any Gilmore Girls-related photo, it's our duty as fans to pick it apart as much as possible: For instance, what is the book in the Gilmore Girls Instagram photo? Any good Gilmore Girls fan should know, this book has a lot of significance to it.

Turns out, the book is "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg, a text that is super important in Rory and Jess' relationship. You remember the episode: It was the Season 2 episode where we first learned that Jess wasn’t just some bad boy off the streets. No, he was a well-read bad boy. And this photo pays homage to that moment, which was specifically when Jess handed Rory her copy of “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg that she didn’t know he had borrowed, and said he took it to “put some notes in the margins.”

Be still, my Jess-loving heart.

The fact that the picture celebrates this moment really does make me feel all kinds of things, the likes of which I haven’t felt since I was 16 and watching that episode for the first time. But, that isn’t the only thing that the picture does: It also suggests a few things about the revival that might be interesting for fans.

I may be bordering on some far out analysis here, but go with me for a second, because there seem to be some clear links between “Howl” and Gilmore Girls. Like the fact that the poem has been described as three very long run-on sentences.

Um, hello? You know how those Gilmore girls like to talk. They can kind of be read in the exact same way: A collection of giant run-on sentences.

And, then there is the fact that the poem is broken into three parts. Three. Like, say, the three exes that will likely be vying for Rory’s attention in the revival? I think so. Listen, it might be a stretch, but these Instagram photos seems to have some pretty telling details in each of them.

I’m going to go with this for a bit and say that there is definitely enough in this photo to read into too.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures (2)