How To Rep Team Mystic For Halloween This Year

If you've been following the "Pokemon Go" craze that hit our nation this summer you understand exactly why Pokemon-inspired costumes will be a huge part of Halloween this year. So why not try and get inspired by some "Pokemon Go" Team Mystic Halloween costume ideas? You never know, this might just get you a step closer to catching them all.

Team Mystic is one of the three teams you can be a part of in "Pokemon Go". The team leader is named Blanche, and before 2016's Comic-Con we only saw her as a silhouette. Now that we know what she looks like, Blanche can serve as look inspo for your next Halloween adventure. I might be Team Valor, but I sure dig Team Mystic's style!

Wisdom is the pillar on which Team Mystic thrives. Knowledge of Pokemon secrets and ideals push this team forward. By understanding the fundamentals of Pokemon-types, trainers are able to strategize in battle much more effectively. Wouldn't you want to bring this to your "Pokemon Go" costume experience? Be wise with your outfit choices. Know your strengths! If you are good at doing voices you might want to add that as another layer to your look. Maybe you're good at makeup? Get crafty and turn yourself into a very specific Pokemon. The costume ideas below can serve as your end game or starting point, depending on what you want this Halloween.

1. Blanche

As Team Mystic's leader, Blanche is the perfect person to embody this holiday.

What You'll Need: Start off with a grey wig ($14.99, Costume Super Center) that ties behind your head in a bun. Then put on a pair of blue leggings ($40, Net A Porter) and a white vest ($33.69, Victoria's Swing) to create a layered effect. Blue-pointed shoes ($48, Amazon) are Blanche's preferred footwear. A flowing blue trench coat ($48.95, PinkQueen) totally seals the look. Add a Pokeball ($49.55, Etsy) to make sure people get the realm you are parodying.

Images: Polyvore

2. Articuno

This is Team Mystic's mascot, and of the legendary birds that will inspire awe in anyone who crosses its path.

What You'll Need: Since Articuno is a beautiful majestic bird, you will need to find a blue dress ($28.57, New Chic) that flows as if you are flying. Pair it with a blue wig (68.53, Etsy) that combined with a small fan can make you look like a goddess. Use blue ribbon ($13.95, Zazzle) as the ice breath that Articuno produces when attacking.

Image: Polyvore

3. Team Mystic Member

If you want to stand out, you might just want to show people you are a member of Team Mystic. This way you can Poke-hunt together right at the Halloween party.

What You'll Need: You will need a lot of Team Mystic memorabilia. Using bath-bombs ($7.57, Etsy) as Pokeballs can be a cheaper alternative to buying actual Pokeballs. Your phone case ($40, Casetefy) should also have a little Team Mystic pride. A sweatshirt ($36.31, Etsy) with the logo can keep you warm, while a shirt ($27.52, Etsy) and hat ($13.77, Etsy) will let you stick out in the crowd.

Image: Polyvore

4. Team Mystique

If you want to incorporate multiple characters into your look, you can play on the similarity between the character's name of Mystique and Team Mystic.

What You'll Need: This look will require you to commit to a face full of blue makeup ($14.78. Amazon). You will smother that on your face and also put on a red wig ($12.69, Pink Queen) just like Mystique's character in X-Men. Wear a Pokemon backpack ($45.22, Amazon) and a Team Mystic shirt ($6.99, Amazon) for context.

Image: Polyvore

5. Team Mystic Mistake

This look is a play on words and also a slight nod to the fact that once you chose your team in the app, you couldn't pick another. What if joining Team Mystic was an honest mistake?

What You'll Need: You'll need to find some nice Team Mystic items. Blue jeans ($24.99, Chic Look Closet) paired with a Team Mystic hat ($13.97, Etsy) will make sure people know what you're going for. A shirt that says oops ($20, Front Row Shop) with a Team Mystic patch ($7.50, Amazon) sewn in will be the perfect end touch.

Image: Polyvore

6. Gym Taken Over By Team Mystic

Why not go as a gym taken over by Team Mystic?

What You'll Need: First you will need to find a Pokemon Gym shirt ($20, Tree Hunter). You can always make one, but the pre-made ones look legit. Walk around with a dumbbell ($19, Gilt) and a Team Mystic hat ($13.97, Etsy) to signify that you have taken over that gym and you are not giving it back.

Image: Polyvore

7. Team Mystic Trainer

You can come as a Team Mystic trainer! Just make sure that you apply your wisdom and knowledge to the job.

What You'll Need: You can obviously choose the Pokemon you want to train as a trainer, but I preselected a few that are water-types. That way they can match the whole "blue" theme. A Squirtle ($5.20, Amazon), Lapras ($10.99, Amazon) and Poliwag ($27.99, Amazon) all fall under the water Pokemon umbrella. Add a Team Mystic work out shirt ($24.77, Etsy) and a whistle ($34.50, Billy The Tree), and you've become the trainer of your dreams. If you need a place to keep you Pokemon friends, a Pokemon backpack can help.

Image: Polyvore

Images: Giphy (6); Polyvore