This Rihanna Creeper Alternative Is The One To Shop If You're Still Longing For These Kicks— PHOTOS

If you were shut out of purchasing Rihanna's best-selling Puma Creepers, which have come in all-black, all-white, and several other color options, including burnt orange camo, I have a more than suitable substitute. Puma actually sells a Suede Platform that is a killer Creeper alternative. You can remain brand loyal while equally fashionable.

While the gold-toe platform is another Puma-designed Creeper alternative, the Suede Platform is essentially the Rihanna Creeper's street stylin' baby sister. These women's-only kicks are snazzy enough to keep your feet looking fabulous until the next Creeper drop, which is looooong overdue, BTW.

The Puma Suede Platform sneaker comes in black, red, and blue colorways. They will debit your bank account by $100. The sneaker is monochromatic, save for the thick, white platform bed, which will give you plenty of lift. These kicks are sturdy without sacrificing an ounce of style.

I nabbed a pair over Labor Day Weekend, when Puma was offering a sweet 25% off discount. I am super happy with my decision to purchase. I have the all-black Creepers and these offer a slightly different look, thanks to the white sole. I can wear either pair with the same outfit and it looks different, thanks to those soles!

The chunky sole doesn't just give the wearer a boost. It elevates the shoes and its fashion factor.

Don't step on my blue suede shoes. The Peacoat pair is crazy cute.

The Barbados Cherry red pair will add total "Oomph" to any outfit, be it all-black or all-white.

Here's the RiRi Creeper, for visual comparison. Yes, the Rihanna Creeper is super signature and sharp AF, as the platform has the vertical ridges. But it's not too, too different from the Suede Platform.

The green pair with the maroon stripe offers another visual. They are similar but not the same. I like that.

These Puma Suede Platforms are hardly consolation prizes if you missed out on (and still covet) the Rihanna Creeper. Grab a pair if you like a sneaker with lift.

Images: Courtesy of Puma (6)