15 Kylie Jenner Wigs for Halloween That'll Help You Embody The Youngest Kardashian — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner is one of the most talked about members of the Kardashian clan. Considering how relevant she is, don't be surprised if you spot dozens of Kylie clones this Halloween. And while her makeup skills and signature pout may be hard to emulate, finding Kylie Jenner wigs for Halloween is actually a breeze.

Aside from her killer collection of handbags and curvalicious bodycon dresses, Jenner is well known for switching up her hair color more than most people do in a lifetime. Her extensive wig collection proves her hair transformations are usually non-permanent, so trying a hairpiece for a Kylie Jenner costume is definitely not a cop out. From bangs to colorful cornrows to pastel tresses, Jenner has done it all. At this point, her many colorful wigs are more of a signature look than her natural dark hair.

Deciding which daring hairstyle and color you want to imitate may be the hardest part of nailing a Kylie Jenner costume. With plenty of retailers offering hairpieces that'll be perfect for your look, any of Jenner's diverse styles are doable. Check out these 15 wigs that'll have you looking and feeling like King Kylie this Halloween.

1. Blonde

Jenner has never shied away from transforming into a blonde bombshell at the drop of a dime. With a blonde wig, you could make the switch just as easily as her. Be sure to opt for hair with dark roots to do the style in true KJ fashion.

Try: Blonde Black Roots Wig, $20, Spirit Halloween

2. Mint

When Kylie Jenner debuted mint hair, it was one of her most striking color choices. She's one of the few celebs to go pastel green, so securing a wig in this color pretty much guarantees you'll be a solid Jenner look-alike this Halloween. Again, dark roots are a must — they're clearly Jenner's thing.

Try: Green Color Straight Wig, $15, Light In The Box

3. Pastel Rainbow

Considering Jenner has tackled myriad pastel colors, it was only natural that she try a hairstyle featuring them all. You could channel major Kylie Jenner at Coachella vibes by sporting double french braids on rainbow hair.

Try: Fantasy Wig, $20, Spirit Halloween

4. Teal

King Kylie's black to teal ombré was the style that started it all, sending her on a path to slay every hair color possible. It was one of the first dramatic Kylie Jenner color changes we saw in 2014. Although the chameleon has tried dozens of hues since then, black and teal was definitely a signature for her — so much so, that Jenner launched Kylie Hair Kouture Hair Extensions in the teal ombré. Get back to klassic Kylie by getting a black and teal wig this year.

Try: Dark Green Long Curly Wig, $13, Light In The Box

5. Green

There isn't a shade of green this 19-year-old trendsetter hasn't been able to pull off. If you're feeling really brave, give Jenner's bright green hair a whirl. It'll certainly pop against any Kardashian fashions you choose for your costume.

Try: Long Straight Green Wig with Dark Roots, $22, Light In The Box

6. Orange

Even the wildest colors are not off limits for Kylie Jenner. Few take on peachy locks and make them look as good as she did. Waist-length tangerine hair is in order if you want to steal this KJ look.

Try: Orange Silk Long Synthetic Wig, $16, Light In The Box

7. Midnight Blue

Jenner has been so obsessed with pastel hair lately, that deep hues are almost a major surprise when she breaks them out. There came a time when she made midnight blue hair her thing. It was brief (as most of hair makeovers are), but it was worth it. A navy blue wig will make you look just as stunning as Jenner did when she wore this sleek style.

Try: Wavy Dark Blue Cosplay Wig, $20, Light In The Box

8. Pastel Pink

Side swept bangs and powder pink dye made for a flirtacious style on Jenner. She rocked this color on her Valentine's Day date with Tyga earlier this year. Steal the look by getting a wig in pastel pink, and really commit by finding one with bangs.

Try: Candy Pink Wig, $13, Light In The Box

9. Blunt Bangs

Even when Jenner sticks to jet black color, she still makes headlines with her hair. She once added blunt bangs to shoulder-length hair and looked like a total goddess. A Cleopatra bob will make this look easy to copy for Halloween.

Try: Cleopatra Long Blunt Bob Wig with Bangs, $10, Light In The Box

10. Cerulean Bangs

You didn't actually think Kylie Jenner would never give her Cleo 'do a dye job, did you? She's always pushing the limits on ways she can color her mane. Throw on a true blue wig with double denim and you'll have the KJ monochromatic aesthetic down pat.

Try: Short Blue Wig, $18, Light In The Box

11. Icy Blue

Of all the wild hues Jenner has rocked, her icy blue hair was one of her most adorable styles yet. With makeup painted to perfection, she honestly looks like a doll here. Who cares if nobody gets that you're a Kardashian in this wig? You're bound to turn heads anyway with this gorgeous hair.

Try: Gradient Blue Curly Hair, $20, Light In The Box

12. Black & Gray

It can't get more perfect than KJ's black to silvery gray ombré. When Jenner debuted [grey] gray hair for Halloweekend 2014, she kept the look even after the trick-or-treating was all said and done. What better way to salute the youngin' with your costume than by wearing the same hair she rocked on Halloween?

Try: Cosplay Wavy Long Wig, $19, Light In The Box

13. Platinum Blonde

The teen clearly didn't mean it when she said blonde was Kim's thing. For a second, we almost believed it was the one hair color Kylie Jenner wouldn't do. Jokes! She hinted on Instagram that she was paying homage to Kourtney, although there's no denying Kylie's the spitting image of Kim K right now. With these platinum blonde locks, little North West has to be having trouble telling her mommy and aunt apart. Join the Kardashian Klan by going blonde on Oct. 31 with a sleek, platinum wig.

Try: Long Straight Blonde Wig, $20, Spirit Halloween

15. Long Black

Occasionally, Jenner goes for black hair, but adds in a few extensions. You could have waves cascading down your back too if you choose the perfect wig. Style this hair with one of Jenner's iconic red carpet looks and you'll have the Kardashian look on lock.

Try: Black Long Wavy Wig, $17, Light In The Box

16. Simple Kylie

Rarely do we get a glimpse of a low key look for Kylie, since she's always switching up her styles, colors, and cuts. So it may be risky to go the subtle route for a Kylie Jenner costume. But short, dark hair takes it back to Kylizzle's roots. A wig patterned after her natural style will remind us of her humble beginnings before she was making headlines on a daily basis.

Try: Black Lolita Adult Wig, $12, Walmart

Once you've found the perfect wig, you've pretty much got your Kylie Jenner costume secured. After all, the baby Jenner is mostly known for her hair when it comes down to her style. If your Kylie needs a little backup, convince your squad to join in on the fun and dress like the Kardashian family this Halloween, and give the world an endless reel of selfies by the end of the night.

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands