Clues That Mona Is A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars' Are Adding Up To 4 Solid Theories

With just a half-season of Pretty Little Liars to go and a particularly gruesome (and awesome) finale just past us viewers, speculation about the show is at an all-time high. We only have like, what, ten episodes to wrap this whole thing up? Is it even enough time for all the plot holes and family trees and field hockey sticks? In my own travels, I’ve been browsing the internet for my favorite theories, and a lot of fans seem to think that Mona is A.D. on Pretty Little Liars . After some consideration, I’m thinking that these theories are headed in the right direction.

In Season 1, Mona and Hanna were best friends, shoplifters, and the cool girls in school. As the seasons progressed, viewers saw that Ali treated Mona like garbage before Ali disappeared, and eventually, Mona tried to drive the liars off a cliff and was revealed as A. As more bad things happened to the liars, I always thought it would be nice for it all to come back to Mona — she was always there, after all. She would hack into this or help them hide a body here or get stuck in an underground dollhouse. Real supportive stuff. But now I think that Mona has been monitoring the liars this whole time in order to get her original job done. Here are some clues that Mona is actually A.D. and has been running the show the whole time (because of course she is).

The Halloween Train


If you can remember back that far (there have been so many occurrences on Pretty Little Liars that my brain is almost full), all of the liars and Mona were on that Halloween train when they found Garrett’s body. According to Tumblr user Spencersbarn, Mona told Spencer, who the Queen of Hearts was that night, saying that the killer was Spencer’s “sister.” Of course, we all thought Spencer's only sister was Melissa then, but now that we know that Spencer is a Drake and not a Hastings, Mona could have meant Charlotte as Spencer’s sister. That could mean that Mona knew about Charlotte DiLaurentis and her plans and that she could definitely be hiding something else. Perhaps pulling all the strings, too?

The Noel Thing


In the Season 7A finale, Hanna was trying to get revenge on Noel, so she kidnapped him and wanted to torture him or something to get him to admit that he was a murderer. Normal Rosewood stuff. But then, as Tumblr user lissy-11 points out, Mona helps tie up Noel and the liars come back later to an empty chair. Methinks Mona was working with Noel and decided not to secure him too tightly... Possible? Absolutely.

The Dollhouse


Lissy-11 also points out another great fact: Didn’t Mona see who kidnapped her when she was thrown into the dollhouse? Later, when Charlotte paralyzed Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason, Mona said that’s what Charlotte did to her to kidnap her — she couldn’t move or speak, but she could see. So why, pray tell, did Mona act like she had no idea who was doing this to her and the liars while she was in the dollhouse? She’s definitely covering something up.

The Full Circle


Mona was the original A, but what if Charlotte’s plotting got in the way of her destroying the liars herself? Mona is a highly adaptable creature, and Tumblr user PLLAwesomeness thinks that Mona came back to help the liars so she could eventually bring them back down. This makes sense to me, because if anything, Mona hates to lose. She got showed up by Charlotte and she wants to be the champion of making the liars’ lives a living hell. What if Mona brought Lucas back to Rosewood, too? He was a part of her gang then, and he could be a part of it now.

Mona has been a staple on Pretty Little Liars for seven seasons now, so I wouldn't be surprised if she had loftier goals of revenge against the liars.

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