Rory's 'GG' Revival Career Is Not What You Thought

Quick, stop all those orders of apples you were planning on sending Rory because the youngest Gilmore will not be teaching at Chilton or anywhere else in the revival. While Rory will definitely be returning to Chilton (most likely to impart some career advice to the next generation), in an interview with US Weekly, Alexis Bledel confirmed Rory is still a reporter in the Gilmore Girls revival. Even though her chosen industry changed dramatically when she graduated, Rory is still chasing her dreams and following stories wherever they take her, and that is amazing news.

Rory was always clear on what she wanted to do as an adult. She wanted to be the next Christiane Amanpour, and while she is struggling to keep pace with a journalism industry in flux, Rory has not given up. It is a beautiful tribute to Rory's perseverance that even though life threw her some major career roadblocks, she never stopped doing what she loved. And as an added bonus she got to prove Mitchum Huntzberger wrong — Rory always had what it took to be a journalist.

Rory would have made an amazing teacher, but her heart always belonged to telling people's stories. To have Rory give up her goals would have been profoundly un-Rory like. Seeing her struggle because she refuses to give up on her career is a storyline that makes so much sense for a character with as much ambition as Rory possesses.

"It's real time, so it's been about eight years that she’s been living a bit of a vagabond lifestyle, kind of chasing each story that she becomes passionate about and wants to tell," Bledel told US Weekly. Knowing Rory spends the bulk of her time traveling with no firm roots to speak of makes so many Gilmore Girls revival spoilers make sense. With reports of a character visiting a hippie commune, the first scene involving Rory fresh off a plane, and the inclusion of Alex Kingston as a character with a connection to Rory, it seems clear much of Rory's journey will be shaped by the stories she is pursuing over the course of the year the revival is set to chronicle. All of the disparate threads seem to have a connection now and that connection is Rory.

In the interview, Bledel reveals Rory spends the bulk of her time "couch-surfing" while she pursues new stories. A Rory who has become a bit of a nomad in pursuit of the best stories is a Rory who makes so much more sense than one who has given up. Seeing Rory evaluate her choices and decide if she wants to continue to live her life on the move or if she wants something else entirely is a wonderful story that opens the door for characters like Jess, Dean, Logan, Paris, and Lane to offer Rory different perspectives on being an adult in your 30s.

With a job that takes you everywhere comes the opportunity to reconnect with peers who have ended up spread across the world. Rory may find herself peeking in on all of these different ways of life as she goes on her own journey in the revival. Rather than have her story be driven by romance, it is clear Rory will be contemplating her career and life balance, and what she wants moving forward.

Following Rory as she visits old friends and lovers, uncovers stories, and finds a safe place to land in Stars Hollow is the very best Rory story the revival could possibly offer. After all this time, Rory Gilmore is still stubbornly, beautifully doing what she loves, and that is the most wonderful news any Rory fan could ask for.

Images: Warner Bros. TV (2); Netflix