Corey Is Evicted From 'Big Brother 18,' Separating The Season's Longest-Lasting Showmance

It was a very stressful eviction night on Big Brother 18 , with only four houseguests left and Nicole and Corey on the block. But, before the live eviction got started, the final four competed in the most important Veto competition of the season. Before the comp, Paul formed a tentative alliance with James, telling him that they needed each other if either of them wanted a chance to win — a final three with both Corey and Nicole would be disastrous for them and they know it. Luckily for them, the veto proved elusive for the last-standing showmance, and Corey was evicted from Big Brother 18 .

Paul and James decided that one of them needed to win the Veto to ensure that either Corey or Nicole went home this week, so they went into the comp full of hope and determination. Unfortunately, James was the first person out of the comp, meaning that it was all on Paul if he wanted to keep the power in his hands. Both Corey and Nicole were equally determined to win the Veto, and they all competed hard for the POV. But, in the end, Paul won the PoV and decided not to use it, prompting James to send Corey home.

Corey might be oblivious to why he was evicted instead of Nicole, but it really does make sense that he's the one going to the Jury house this week. With Victor out of the house, Corey is the number one physical threat to Paul and James, so it's only logical he'd be the one to go. Regardless of why Corey was evicted, the fact is that he's gone for good, and Nicole, Paul, and James are the last three standing in Big Brother 18.

Images: CBS; Giphy