How To Make Your Own La Croix Flavor With The Internet's New Favorite Toy

All hail the mighty La Croix gods, for there now exists a website that lets you make your own La Croix flavor, complete with branding and can design. Because let's be real — 90 percent of the appeal of La Croix is the fact that those cans look classy AF. I personally once kept one perched on my desk for a solid two weeks just to admire it/incite subtle rage in my neighboring coworkers for hoarding it long after the office supply had run out. It is a status symbol, a newly-minted Millennial icon, the grown-up version of the Capri-Suns we toted around poolside during our youths. And now, thanks to the new My La Croix website by Nelson Cash, we are its GODS.

Enter the biggest responsibility you've ever had in your lifetime: branding your very own La Croix flavor. Twitter is already setting the bar pretty high, but what can you expect? We La Croix drinkers are an intellectual bunch. The first flavor I invented above is an homage to the blarf, aka the blanket scarf, an autumnal trend of which we are not worthy; the second is pretty self-explanatory and will probs grant eternal life, NBD. I also made one for my namesake because I lost track of what shame was a long time ago.

REVEL IN ITS GLORY (even though it probably tastes of grilled cheese and anxiety and an alarming amount of flannel).

Here are some of the best creations to hit Twitter so far:

Now all we need are pumpkin spice and caramel apple to really get the autumnal party ~popping~.

These glorious memes are a fitting tribute to our beloved La Croix, which was recently dubbed Drink Of The Summer by the collective internet. The carbonated water beverage has risen to such heights that it seems to transcend generation, geographical location, and whether you're #TeamJess or #TeamDean in the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. We are all of us united by our undying love for this drink. So raise a glass and make a meme, y'all — and if you need any inspiration for your flavor, check out this video by Rakeem rapping its praises.

Forever may La Croix reign. Make your own version by heading to the My La Croix website, but remember — with great meme-ing comes great responsibility.

Images: My La Croix