'The Tomorrow People': It's Official - John is the Most Feminist Thing About This Show

In this week's episode of The Tomorrow People, "Superhero," a masked TP rolls through town to show everyone just what it's like when the Tomorrow People go balls to the wall using their powers to try to make a difference. That's great and everything, but the opening scene with John and Cara steals the show.

As of now, Johh and Cara are officially back on, in a big, sexy way. And in basically no time at all, John cements himself as the most feminist thing about this series, hands down. Here are John's most feminist moments, from this week and beyond.

He is a generous lover.

In what is one of the steamiest almost-sex scenes I've seen on network TV, John and Cara tumble onto a bed wearing nothing but their totally-ready-for-sex lingerie and undies. As John makes his way toward Cara for the inevitable, he kisses his way up her leg, stopping for extra attention right around her thigh/underwear line and audiences are rewarded we a pre-orgasmic shot of Cara enjoying her pleasure. This implication of oral sex performed by a man, and the woman involved's visible pleasure at the act, is actually a pretty big deal, considering even R-rated movies have a hard time sliding it in. Kudos to John for prioritizing his partner's pleasure, and to The CW for being ballsy enough to let him, even in an ultra-PG kind of way.

He respects Cara as an equal.

As much as I hate on Cara, she is, in many ways, the most powerful woman on the show. Even though she's made some (okay several) missteps as the leader of the TP, John respects her position of authority in the group and he lets her know it. After their lovemaking session, she tells him that she worries about being with him romantically jeopardizing her leadership, and he assures her that he respects her and wants to work together, not to undermine her. He even goes so far as to say he'll let her take the lead in bed, as well as out, which is a refreshing little twist on gender norms. A strong, heterosexual-identifying male telling a woman that he'll follow her politically and sexually without being presented a castrated or weak? Yes, please.

He cares about empowering women more than just protecting them.

While Stephen likes to look out for those he loves or those who can't help themselves, he's prone to a little Knight in Shining Armor complex; he's all about saving the girl and saving the day. That's not to say that Stephen doubts women's abilities inherently; he actually doesn't, which is refreshing too. But when it comes to a would-be damsel in distress, Stephen wants to march in with trumpets blazing for a rescue, whereas John seems genuinely concerned with preparing those he rescues, male or female, for the continuing battle. He's taken a special interest in everyone from Cara to Charlotte to Astrid. And someday, when Hillary needs the Tomorrow People or at least considers joining them (the show is so headed there after her and Stephen's mild hookup), John will do the same for her, anger and control issues and all.

Image: The CW