Does The Flirt Flashes Fake Eyelash Applicator Work? Here's How I Use It — PHOTO

It's been described as a "staple gun for your eyelashes," sans the staples or the gun. Former teen makeup brand Flirt! has been resurrected and revamped, minus the exclamation point in the name. The first product is Flirt Flashes, a false eyelash applicator. I tried the Flirt Cosmetics Flashes applicator so you don't have to.

Here's the basic intel: It's a cute contraption with loud, graffiti-like graphics. You need to purchase eyelash glue separately, like batteries for an electronic device. The brand recommends Duo Brush-On Lash Adhesive. Flirt Flashes comes with an instruction manual that looks like a lot of work. I was like, "Ugh, this is way too complicated." And it was... at first.

Flashes Lash Applicator, $28, Flirt Cosmetics

The verdict? Once you get the hang of it, the Flashes applicator is fun. You unquestionably have to practice — a lot. It legit took me seven tries before I was able to use it properly and as intended. Still, even when the lashes didn't stick to my lashline via the applicator, I pulled them away, added more adhesive, and manually applied them. The result was bangin'.

I only added two clusters of lashes to my outer corners, for some extra curl, lift, and volume. It was all I needed.

Flashes Lash Applicator, $28, Flirt Cosmetics

Here's how it worked. The Flashes applicator dispenses lashes like a conveyer belt. You roll a tab forward until a strip with three wispy clusters of lashes appears.

This what the Flashes lash clusters look like, for your reference.

Once lashes are visible, click the top button to hold the lashes in place. Brush a thin coat of adhesive to the top of the lashes. Let the adhesive become tacky for 20 seconds.

Hold the applicator up to your lash line exactly where you want to dispense the lashes. Click the bottom button to release the lashes and BOOM! Done. Sort of.

The lashes weren't flush with my lashline the first few times I tried it. So I pulled them off and manually affixed them. Even so, the Flashes applicator felt like a "guide" for priming, prepping, and deciding where to place an eyelash.

Forgive me for this embarrassing crazy face. But it was the only way I could get a good shot of the lashes that enhanced my outer corners. Blame the extreme cat-eye flick.

If you can't quite get the hang of using Flashes as an applicator, it's still a handy tool for preparing fake lashes.

Honestly, this morning, I used it as a "holder" for applying and letting the glue sit for 20 seconds. Then I released the lash on my finger and applied that way.

I realize that is not the intended purpose, but it was a convenient lash holder.

I dig the lashes themselves, too. The strip has three clusters that add a sexy curl to the outer corners.

Flashes Lash Applicator, $28, Flirt Cosmetics

As someone who has rocked eyelash extensions for much of 2016 and is currently on a "break" (but not breakup) with lash extensions, I was thrilled to get fuller, thicker, and more curled lashes again via Flashes. I am going to keep playing with the Flashes applicator until I get it right. Until I do, I am fine with using my fingers to place the lashes.

Images: Courtesy of Flirt/Instagram (2); Amy Sciarretto (10)