When Is Olivia Wilde Due? The Star's Second Child Will Likely Be A Cold-Weather Baby

It's officially celebrity baby season! Or at least, it sure seems like it. Last week, news broke that both Eva Mendes and Blake Lively are reportedly pregnant. Now, Olivia Wilde announced her pregnancy, joining the ever-growing list of stars expecting baby number two. On Instagram on Monday, the actor posted the most adorable announcement, featuring her and her fiancé Jason Sudeikis' son Otis flaunting a pretend baby bump. Aside from "congrats!", the next words out of everybody's mouth are probably: When is Wilde due? Although she hasn't yet revealed that info, let's try to investigate using context clues.

Back in January, Wilde hilariously shot down pregnancy rumors. After Star reported she hid her baby bump at the Vinyl premiere, she tweeted that it was actually all hamburgers in her stomach. Was she lying or was this a foreshadow? Taking her word for it, this would mean she found out she was pregnant in February, March, or April. If my math is correct, even if she discovered she was pregnant in any of the aforementioned months, the baby would arrive in the late fall or early winter. I'm guesstimating November or December, based on simply adding nine months to those options.

In early April, Wilde talked about expanding her family in an interview with People. She said, "I’m desperate for more [kids]! I love my siblings so much and Jason has incredible siblings too. The more the merrier." By this point, she likely already knew the baby was on the way and was just saving the news for the right moment. That would make perfect sense.

By no means am I a pregnancy expert, but that baby bump looks like she could be at least three months along. It wouldn't be surprising if she had waited a little while before announcing the big news. Either way, the best part of the photo is the big grin on the future big brother Otis' face. He's too cute! See for yourself:

Otis turns 2 on April 20 and the family plans to throw him a Beyoncé themed birthday party. Yes, you read that correctly. A toddler is having a **flawless b-day celebration that automatically would make any adult jealous. Based on that tidbit, whenever the second baby arrives, the kid will have two of the coolest parents in Hollywood.

Hopefully Wilde divulges more details soon! But in the meantime, I'm betting on a fall or winter baby-to-be. Let the waiting game begin.