This Is Where To Get The OG Rihanna Puma Creepers

Finally! There's a new Rihanna Puma Creeper drop happening. But it's not brand new colorways. Instead, the brand is bringing back the "OG" Creepers. The black Creepers with the oatmeal sole, the black Creepers with the black sole and white detailing, the white suede Creeper with the oatmeal sole, and the tan Creeper with the oatmeal sole are making an encore. As a Puma Instagram post noted, the reprise is for all the fans who were shut out from shopping the Creeper debut last fall, since the kicks sold out on the quick. The classic Rihanna Puma Creepers colors will be available on Thursday, Sept. 29. Where can you buy the reissued Rihanna Puma Creepers when they are restocked?

As aways, the classic Creepers will be available via the Puma site, as well as Puma stores. Other retail locations will be revealed soon, but you can also expect to shop the OG Creepers via Madison Shoes, which has locations in L.A. but also offers online shopping. The classic RiRi Puma Creepers were massively popular when they dropped for the first time. I expect the same sort of shopping mania leading up to and on the actual shopping day.

Of course I am gunning for both of the black pairs.

Here is the screen shot from the Puma site.

The original Creepers are creeping back into our lives and not a moment too soon. There hasn't been a Creeper drop since May, so it's long overdue.

The Creepers are the coolest sneaker around.

They are the ultimate in street style.

You can't mess with an original. However, if you end up being shut out from shopping the reissued Creeper originals or you aren't buying into their hype, you can rock a similar style, direct from Puma. The Puma Suede Platform is a suitable Rihanna Creeper alternative that is so much more than a consolation prize.

Images: Puma/Instagram (1); Puma Sport Style/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Puma (1)