Caroline Manzo Is Going To Be A Grandma

It's official: Caroline Manzo is going to be grandma. Lauren Manzo is pregnant with her first child, the Manzo'd With Children star announced via People Thursday. Alongside a photo of the Bravo star posing with her baby bump, she and her husband, Vito Scalia, said in a statement, "We are so excited to be expecting our first child, due in early 2017. What a crazy year it has been for us. Life is full of wonderful surprises!" They added, "We had been trying to get pregnant for a while, and as soon as we stopped placing so much pressure on ourselves, it actually happened."

It seems a big part of Manzo'd Season 3 will focus on Lauren and Vito's struggles to get pregnant, but now viewers know there is a happy outcome, which is exciting for sure. As for whether or not they're having a boy or a girl, Lauren said, "We do plan to find out the sex, and I'm team 'girl' while Vito is team 'boy!'"

Like Lauren, her family is beyond thrilled for her to soon welcome a baby into the world. Caroline took to Instagram and wrote, "My beautiful little girl is going to be a mommy. Congratulations @laurenmanzo & @vitoscalia3 we are over the moon with happiness for you both!"

Her brothers also shared sweet posts on Instagram. First, Albie Manzo wrote, "I am absolutely horrible at keeping secrets so you can imagine how happy I am to finally be able to say @laurenmanzo is pregnant!!!! I am so happy for you both and excited for what's to come. Love you guys!!!!" Then, alongside a screenshot of a text between Ablie and his dad who called his son "Uncle Albert," Albie wrote, "Of all the texts I have ever received this one is my favorite. Uncle Albie does have kind of a nice ring to it, no?" Then, there is Chris Manzo, who sweetly wrote, "My amazing sister is pregnant and is going to be an amazing mother. Congratulations Lauren and Vito!!!! Love you both."

Lauren also took to Instagram to share the news and a sonogram of her baby. It also doubles as an advertisement, but, hey, I guess that's one way to announce you're having your first child.

The Manzo family has had a lot of happy news as of late. At the end of August, Jacqueline Laurita became a grandma after her daughter Ashlee Holmes welcome a baby boy named Cameron. I have a feeling Lauren and Holmes' kids are going to have playdates and become great friends. Even Holmes thinks so, as she tweeted, "Yay! The secret is out!! So happy for @Laurenmanzo and @VitoScalia3 !!! Cam is gonna have a little buddy."

If Lauren's family is this overjoyed about her pregnancy, imagine when her baby actually arrives. Yeah, Lauren's little one sure is going to have a lot of love waiting upon his/her arrival.