What The Lyrics To Calvin Harris' "My Way" Mean

One of the most frustrating things about celebrities is that no matter how high-profile they are, we're often always going to be at their mercy when it comes to how much of their private life they make public. And, since most A-listers aren't exactly eager to rush into a tell-all interview the moment anything out-of-the-ordinary happens, fans generally have to stick to more unconventional ways of finding out what goes on in their favorite celebs' lives behind-the-scenes. Singer-songwriters make this easier on us than most, though, because they do a fun little thing where they write down their thoughts and emotions and set them to a catchy beat that we can memorize and sing back, so everybody gets something fun out of it. Aka, songs. Luckily for us, this is just what a certain Scottish DJ is giving us now, post-Taylor Swift break-up: the lyrics to Calvin Harris' song "My Way" give us a glimpse of his personal life to help us all figure out what he's thinking and feeling.

The song was released on Thursday, and not only does it seem like Calvin Harris is referencing a past relationship in the lyrics, but also like he might have some pretty negative feelings about it. Since we all know that Harris dated Taylor Swift up until this past June, all I'm saying is that we should probably do a deep dive with these lyrics to see what's up. Harris never mentions a name, but the lyrics in "My Way" suggest that he might have some unresolved feelings about a recent breakup — cough cough — and that he's ready to get them out in music-form. Sound familiar to anyone? (I'm looking at you, Swift.) Here's how "My Way" starts:

Why wait to say, at least I did it my wayLie awake, two-facedBut in my heart I understand

It sounds like Harris is saying there's something he's been holding back from saying, possibly to avoid hurting someone's feelings, but also that he's tired of keeping it inside, and he's going to be honest now. And in the next line, he's definitely not holding back, calling the song's subject "two-faced," as if he saw a different side of them than anyone else. Call me crazy, but doesn't that sound a lot like the vacillating you do after a breakup, aka, remembering the good times and the bad times right on top of each other until you don't know who's right anymore.

I made my move and it was all about youNow I feel so far removed

Saying he "made his move" and that "it was all about you" definitely holds with the theme of relationships, and reads like it's coming from someone who's looking for some belated credit for how much he put on the line for his former partner. It sounds like he feels like his entire world orbited around this person, and now he's surprised at how disconnected he feels from them. Once again, this sounds like it's coming in the aftermath of a breakup, when it's hard to even remember how close you were with that person because now they feel like a stranger. Gives me goosebumps to think about it.

And then finally, there's the simple, one-line chorus "you were the one thing in my way," repeated over and over and over in the song, as if to drive that point home. It feels like at the beginning, Harris chose to have this person in his life, but over time, discovered that they were standing between him and some of the things that he wanted. Ugh, what a sad, beautiful way of putting that. At the end of the day, whether "My Way" is about Taylor Swift, someone else Calvin Harris has dated, or just a song, it's catchy and makes you think about the peculiar, familiar range of emotions that we all go through after breakups.

But hey, if it inspires more songs like this, then go out there and get your heart broken again, Harris. Whatever you're doing, it's working.