How Many Seasons Of 'Transparent' Will There Be? Jill Soloway Reveals Her Plan For The Pfeffermans

Ever since it debuted on Amazon Prime, Transparent has served as a powerful television show exploring important issues that have been long overlooked in the entertainment industry. Watching Maura transition is inspiring and gives viewers a glimpse not only into her journey, but her family's journey as well. In short, this is television at its very best, and, given the vast array of situations the Pfefferman clan finds themselves in, it feels like a show that could go on forever... but will it? During a recent Transparent Season 3 press event, creator Jill Soloway shared with reporters her thoughts on the show's future and how many seasons of Transparent there will be before the series closes its doors for good.

"In my mind, it's always kind of been six seasons, but not for any reason," Soloway reveals, adding that each individual season feels like its own movie or act in a play. "They're just really beginning the major part of their journey now and Season 1 and 2 were like the first acts."

So, don't worry about bidding farewell to the Pfeffermans anytime soon, but, just like with any great story, it will have to come to an end eventually. And, for Soloway, six seasons feels like the perfect amount.

"I feel like we could do [Seasons] 3, 4, and 5 as like the middle of the whole saga and then one more season to say goodbye," she says. "But, remind me of that when I see you after the 10th season, and I'm like, 'No, they still have stories to tell!'" Clearly she's willing to expand on her original game plan if she feels the series still has more to give to viewers. However, she (much like the rest of us) hope that one day the Pfeffermans will find peace and happiness with each other.

"I think the dream would be that after six years, everybody would be like, 'Oh, they're finally better!'" Soloway says. "You know, that they aren't just falling into total narcissistic accidents of encounters over and over again. That they start to see themselves and see other people and care for other people."

As difficult as it will be to eventually part with such an unbelievably special show, fans need to trust in Soloway's vision and have faith that she'll give this family the ending they so deserve. In the meantime, all we can do is just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Image: Amazon