Corey Doesn't Think He'll Date Nicole After 'BB18'

The Nicorey showmance has proven to be one of the defining factors of Big Brother 18, a season filled to the brim with showmances. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and with Corey's eviction, the final episodes of Big Brother were romance-free ... and there's a chance Nicole and Corey may break up after Big Brother, at least according to one half of the showmance. In an email interview with Bustle following his eviction, Corey addresses whether or not the duo would continue dating after the show, and his response was pretty telling. "[Nicole and I] are both recently single so timing may be a little iffy," he says.

It feels like forever ago now, but Corey almost wasn't in this season of Big Brother at all. During the premiere week, when a series of competitions decided which of the houseguest would be sent home before the true game even started, the final moment was a split-second decision that resulted in Glenn, the dog groomer, getting sent home over Corey. If Corey had been just a second slower, there's a chance that he may have never gotten emotionally attached to Nicole in the first place. Corey thinks very highly of Nicole, saying that "she is a good girl, really attractive, very smart," so what would keep them from pursuing a relationship outside the Big Brother house?

When asked what the biggest obstacle for them would be, Corey says, "just distance. She lives in Michigan and I live in Dallas." The distance may be a factor, but her last relationship with a fellow BB houseguest seemed to last long after the season had ended despite having come from different backgrounds. While the timing may be "iffy" for Nicorey right now, it seems that Corey is still looking to a future together eventually. "Yes, I would [date Nicole] but probably not right now ... she is a totally dateable girl for me," he says.

Despite being evicted, Corey's passion for Nicole still comes through, and he is quick to tell Bustle his favorite thing about his showmance partner. "Her personality. She has a huge heart. Honestly, her personality is the greatest [thing about her] in my opinion." However, he also played coy about their relationship — When asked if his post-eviction kiss with Nicole was their first, he answered simply with a "Maybe." Despite the intimate moments that Corey and Nicole have shared on the live feeds, they're still trying to keep some of the details of their personal lives private.

Although their relationship is in limbo, Nicole has much bigger things to worry about — half million dollars, specifically. "She is going to have to win both comps," Corey says about Nicole's chance at winning BB18, "I don’t think [James or Paul] is going to take her to final two." While Nicole is liked by some members of the jury, she also has enemies in houseguests like Da'Vonne and Michelle. Corey believes that her best course of action is to "take James to final two. Then I think she will be able to get the votes."

Having two returning houseguests in the final two is unprecedented in Big Brother history aside from All-Stars — but if Nicole wins these crucial competitions it may just come to pass. And, if she is victorious, perhaps that prize money can go towards frequent trips to Dallas, and the dream of the Nicorey showmance can go on.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS, Giphy