13 Times Jon Snow Was The Real ‘Game Of Thrones’ MVP

I love a lot of characters from Game of Thrones, and I especially love watching their personal journeys go down. But, with all the characters in mind, I'm sure we can agree that Jon Snow is the real MVP of Game of Thrones. There's just something about coming back from the dead that really gives you a leg up on the competition. It's like an automatic MVP card. But, seriously, his inner battles with his conscience, acceptance, and his moral code are almost as epic as the outer battles he has to face. Meanwhile, he's a born leader.

Jon Snow is the type of guy any new world order would want on their side. I'm hopeful Daenerys will figure it out early so that she and her nephew can get together to bring order to Westeros and Essos/destroy the White Walkers/go on jaunty dragon rides together. Above all the other characters, Jon Snow's smarts, good connections, and bravery have put him ahead of the game — even though he was dead for a little bit. (Hey, nobody's perfect, and we can't always be winners.) Jon Snow was the lovable underdog who became the Most Valuable Player, and is anyone really surprised?

The following are the reasons why Snow is the MVP of Game of Thrones and our hearts.

1. He Was An Underdog


Jon Snow was a bastard, always treated like a lesser person than his (alleged) brothers and sisters. We wanted him to succeed, and so his success is all the more impressive and exciting when it happens.

2. He's The Only Stark Who's Managed To Hold On To Their Direwolf


That's got to mean something.

3. He's Got An Open And Fair Mind


Jon Snow experienced an entirely different culture when he went undercover with the wildlings. He's learned that all people are pretty much the same regardless of where they live. That sort of decency is MVP-worthy.

4. He's Really Good At Swords And Stuff


Being a good fighter is definitely something that makes you a valued player in Westeros.

5. He Always Stands Up For The Little Guy


Remember when Samwell Tarly was tormented by everybody, but Jon Snow stood up for him? Yeah, that was really sweet. A good team needs a guy who is willing to help those who fall behind.

6. He Has Great One-Liners


The guy with the best lines is the one that I want on my team. Sass is a quintessential part of freaking out the opponent.

7. He Knows How To Treat A Lady


Maybe Jon Snow and Ygritte's thing didn't work out for the best, but it was magical while it lasted. A guy who is thoughtful about that sort of thing is a keeper.

8. He's Killed A White Walker


Only one other person in the series, Sam Tarly, can say that. That's seriously impressive. Sure, his Valyrian steel sword helped, but it wouldn't have mattered if he didn't know how to use it.

9. He Came Back From The Dead


Sure, Melisandre's magic had a lot to do with this resurrection, but it (probably) wouldn't have worked if the Lord of Light hadn't been down with it. Even the gods think Jon Snow is the MVP (maybe). Or maybe he's about to turn evil on us because of the dark magic used to bring him back... Let's not think about that.

10. He's Got The Best Hair


Call me shallow, but I like my warrior leaders to have good hair. Jon Snow wins, hands down, in that category. No offense, Dany, but the body in his hair is just too epic. Have you seen it blow in the wind?

11. He Beat Up Ramsay, But Left Him For Sansa

Compassion for your co-conspirator/sister/cousin is great. And that's what Jon Snow showed when he didn't murder Ramsay. Instead, he let Sansa finish off her abuser. It was a pretty noble move — though it seemed like he was going to accidentally murder Ramsay by beating the crap out of him for a while there.

12. He Even Executes People With Honor


Like his father/uncle before him, when Jon has had to execute people for crimes, he's done it himself, like a good Stark. Ned Stark said, "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword," and so, when Jon Snow executed Janos Slynt, he was sure to follow his father's advice. Then, when he had to execute the guys who conspired against them, he asked for their last words first. He might have been feeling vengeful, but he proceeded on with dignity.

13. He Makes Tough Calls Even When They Aren't Popular


Saving the wildlings? Letting the wildling past the Wall? These ideas were so unpopular that they got Jon Snow killed. But a real MVP does what's right even when it's not popular.

I love me some Arya Stark and some Tyrion Lannister, but, let's be real here, the true MVP of Game of Thrones is Jon Snow. No doubt about it.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy (13)