2016 Movie-Inspired Couples Costume Ideas That Are Perfect For You & Your Partner-In-Crime

Halloween may be more than a month away but it's never too early to start thinking about what your elaborate, on-point Halloween costume will be. Whether you're flying solo, hanging with bae, or in a squad, the best places to find costume inspo are from the movies of 2016 everyone loved to watch. And, if you plan on teaming up with your significant other or best friend and you're looking for the best couples costume inspiration, you're in luck. The summer flicks of 2016 have already laid the perfect foundation for a bevy of couples costumes that will leave everyone else you meet on Halloween green with envy.

Want to go for a comic book-inspired duo? Maybe you want to draw on some Pixar-inspired looks? There's literally zero shortage when you put your mind to it. Any of these couples costumes will not only be comfortable for a night of partying, trick-or-treating (or both), but they'll also look realistic AF. Bonus: Many of these costumes can be turned into gender-neutral styles and you can keep them as intricate or comfortable as your personal style requires. Also, make sure to invest in a good Halloween make-up kit (like this basic make-up kit from Target for $10.00) so that you can experiment without wasting your actual make-up.

So, are you ready to see all the possibilities for couples costumes?

Superman & Lois Lane From Batman v. Superman


What You'll Need:

Superman suit, $36, Amazon

You can find an affordable version of his suit that comes in a selection of sizes. Don't forget to gel your hair down into a slick coif. Superman doesn't do flyaways.

Button down, $13, H&M

For Lois' look, sport a patterned button down,

Vest, $25, H&M

Then, add the very crucial vest for that "serious journalist" touch,

Wayfarer Glasses, $7, Amazon

And complete the look with some glasses plus a pen & notepad (how else will you conduct those interviews?) to complete the look.

Mowgli & Shere Khan From The Jungle Book


What You'll Need:

For Mowgli, you can find these red shorts from Target and either keep them long, cut them to the length you want and even dirty them up a bit to make it look like you've been running around the jungle all day.

If you're going as Shere Khan, grab this unisex tiger costume for cheap & follow this amazing tiger make-up tutorial to really sell the look.

Dory & Nemo From Finding Dory


What You'll Need:

Dory costume, $45, Amazon

If you're going for Dory, you have a few options. You can either go the pre-made route with this fun Dory number or, if you want to take a more DIY approach, get a blue T-shirt, blue jeans or a blue one piece swim suit and then paint your face and/or body to match Dory.

Charisma Star on YouTube

As for Dory's BFF Nemo, you can go the same route. There's some great pre-made choices, like this Nemo costume.

Nemo costume, $43, Amazon

Again, if you want a more DIY touch, go for an orange t-shirt,

Quiksilver shorts, $21, Amazon

orange board shorts

White Tube Socks, $10, Amazon

and white tube socks that you can paint orange stripes onto for an equally fishy and fun Halloween.

Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead From Deadpool


What You'll Need:

Deadpool costume, $34, Amazon

You can easily snag Deadpool's costume on Amazon.

Hello Kitty backpack, $18, Amazon

Additionally, make sure to brush up on your puns and double entendres. For an extra flourish and easy sotrage for your fake weapons (and Halloween treats) bring along this Hello Kitty backpack.

Black bomber jacket, $24, Amazon

Negasonic's outfit can easily be put together as such: a black bomber jacket,

Hoodie, $20, H&M

an H&M black hoodie,

NYX Lipstick, $6, Ulta

NYX Macaron Lipstick in Chambord,

Then, a plain black or white t-shirt, and a black textured scarf, like this one from Target for $9.99. Oh, and don't forget to sport either a serious scowl or furrowed brow to assure that nobody messes with you.

Captain America & Iron Man From Captain America: Civil War


What You'll Need:

You'll be able to easily find Iron Man as a pre-made costume if you're feeling a little lazy.

Captain America costume, $47, Amazon

And the same goes for Captain America. Who doesn't love a ready-to-wear when you in a rush? While there are female versions of the suits (find Iron Man here; find Captain America here), men's costumes tend favor comfort as well as style.

Captain America mask, $27, Amazon

If you want to go DIY: Opt for just the masks & then sport either red, blue or gold shirts (American Apparel has a great selection) with blue, white or gold pants or leggings. The Captain America mask runs for $27.

Iron Man mask, $7, Amazon

While the Iron Man mask is only $7.25 — a serious steal.

Tarzan & Jane From The Legend Of Tarzan


What You'll Need:

For Tarzan's shorts, go for a brown pair like these from Target that you can cut up and weather to look like you've been fighting off your primate enemies.

Dress, $7, H&M

For Jane's dress, choose a white dress like this one that you'll also feel comfortable tarnishing a little with some dirt and grit.

Silk Ivy, $14, Amazon

For both looks, accessorize by either gluing fake vines to your clothes or wrapping them around like a belt or sash.

Nancy & Seagull From The Shallows


What You'll Need:

Blue Rash Guard, $19, Amazon

A rash guard goes a long when when you're fighting off a shark. Pick up this blue one on Amazon (Plus size options, at the same price, can be found here).

Classic Bikini Bottoms, $14, Amazon

Depending on your comfort level, you can rock a pair of simple black bikini bottoms

Board Shorts, $16, Amazon

Or go for the extra coverage with some board short, like these from Kanu. Plus-size options, also from Kanu, can be found here for $28.00. Make sure to add a little "sunburn" on your face with some makeup and spritz a little sea salt hair spray to complete the look.

If you're going as the seagull, you've got it made. Pop on a white t-shirt, white, gray or khaki bottoms and complete with some shaggy hair and this seagull mask for $9.98.

Frank The Sausage & Brenda The Hot Dog Bun From Sausage Party


What You'll Need:

Frank the sausage costume, $27, Amazon

Did you wait until the week before Halloween to find a costume? Are you now staring at your lunch and trying to come up ideas? Well, the answer is right in front of you, my friend: the ready-to-wear Frank the Sausage costume is calling your name.

Brenda the Bun costume, $23, Amazon

Did you other half procrastinate two? Are they, too, staring aimlessly into the fridge, frozen in a chilled panic because they still don't have a costume? Assuage their fears and have them join you as Brenda the Hot Dog Bun, whose costume is ready-to-wear for $23.00.

Darth Vader & Director Orson Krennic From Star Wars: Rogue One From Star Wars: Rogue One


What You'll Need:

Darth Vader mask, $33, Amazon

You can channel the Dark Side all night long for Halloween. Start with Darth Vader's mask.

Darth Vader Gloves, $14, Amazon

You can replicate a majority of Vader's gear by going for all black clothing. If you happen to have black boots, even better. Then, make sure you have Vader's gloves, like this pair.

Lightsaber, $7, Amazon

And you can't forget your light saber! Pick up this version of Vader's for $7.

Sophie & The BFG From The BFG


What You'll Need:

If you're going as Sophie from The BFG, you get to keep it simple and comfortable. This nightgown comes in a variety of colors for $8.00.

Accessorize with these horn-rimmed glasses for $7. Carry along your favorite book and a flashlight to complete your Sophie vibes.

White wig, $12, Amazon

If you happen to be going as the BFG, then you're going to have a ton of fun. First things first: the hair. Even if you don't have the BFG's receding hairline, you'll still need to have a white, wild, and fluffy mane. Score those lock with this wig for $12.

Add a white shirt for $7.99 and make sure to weather it with a little dirt and don't be afraid to add a hole or two. You need to look like you've been bounding all over the countryside in this outfit.

Wonder Woman & Batman From Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice


What You'll Need:

Wonder Woman shirt, $15, Amazon

Wonder Woman's look is pretty iconic, so if you want to look for something simple yet still recognizable (Remember: saving the world is tough in Wonder Woman's corset), then your best best is this insta-costume for $15.

Add in Wonder Woman's shield for $9.51 to keep away the ne'er-do-wells skulking around on Halloween.

Batman mask, $12, Amazon

Batman is, like Wonder Woman, ridiculously iconic. If you want to walk the fine line between brooding superhero and easy costume maintenance, pick up the most iconic parts of Batman's get-up. Start with his cowl for $12. Either grow and use make-up to get the perfect five o'clock shadow so people know you've been burning the midnight oil keeping the streets of Gotham safe.

Batman cape, $31, Amazon

Complete the look with all black clothing and Batman's cape for $31.

Jean Gray & Scott Summers From X-Men: Apocalypse


What You'll Need:

X-Men shirt, $15- $23, Amazon

Whether you go as Jean or Scott, you'll need to announce your affiliation with the X-Men the minute you arrive at your Halloween destination. Do it in style with this X-Men t-shirt. Bonus: This shirt comes in a literal ton of sizes and colors.

Gloves, $10, Amazon

Make sure to wear dark bottoms and dark shoes as well. In X-Men: Apocalypse, both Jean and Scott kept it super neutral while they were battling Apocalypse. But you also want to slap on a pair of gloves, like these because hand-to-hand combat can do a number of the digits.

Grab Scott's glasses for $9.99 to complete the look if you're going full Cyclops.

Red wig, $14, Amazon

Replicate Jean's fiery red hair with this wig for $14.

Goody Barrettes, $8, Amazon

Complete Jean's look by adding some '80s flair. Pop in a few pastel barrettes, like this set.

Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde From Zootopia


What You'll Need:

If you're going to go as Judy Hopps, you've got to get the ears right. Grab this perfect replica of Judy's ears for $7.59.

Carrot pen and police badge, $14, Amazon

Make sure you come equipped with the proper police-reporting equipment. Start with the essential carrot pen and police badge for $14.

Notebook, $5, Staples

Then add in a steno pad to keep handy to record your observations, like this Staples steno. Complete Judy's look with this super easy bunny make-up tutorial and hop off into the night in style.

Fox ears, $7, Amazon

As Nick Wilde, you'll easily be able to sport some fox ears for $7.

Nick's shirt and tie, $37, Amazon

And, as a big bonus for authenticity, you can purchase a replica of Nick's shirt and tie for $37. Better still, it comes in a huge selection of sizes. Replicate Nick's foxy face with this fox make-up tutorial and get ready to outfox all your friends.

Whatever you do, don't be afraid to personalize these costume ideas. These 2016 movie-inspired looks are merely the foundation for your own creative touches. You only have one night to show off your keen costume sensibilities; go knock 'em dead.

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