How 'GoT' Would Be Different If Catelyn Was Alive

There have been many Game of Thrones deaths since Catelyn Stark's, but few have been as memorable as hers. While the Red Wedding that brought about the character's death is now infamous, what if it had never happened and Catelyn Stark was still alive on Game of Thrones? It would certainly mean some big changes for the Stark family, and Catelyn, who was played by Michelle Fairley on the HBO show, would be able to clarify quite a few continuing mysteries.

Catelyn Stark was, for those who might have forgotten, the wife of Eddard Stark (RIP) and the mother of the numerous Stark children. Originally from House Tully, Catelyn was more than a devoted wife and mother on the show; she wielded political power militarily and through her close friend Petyr Baelish. As many know, she came to a brutal end during the Red Wedding, when she, her son Robb, and Robb's wife were murdered by the Lannisters. In the books, Stark comes back as Lady Stoneheart, a reanimated corpse seeking revenge on her murderers. Unfortunately, this plot has been abandoned on the show, but here's how Game of Thrones would be different if Catelyn Stark had never died in the first place.

The Starks Would Be More Powerful

The Stark family has diminished over the course of the series, but Catelyn was such a powerful diplomatic force that she would have been a major asset to the family's quest for the Iron Throne.

She Would Be Motivated To Fight Against The Lannisters

If Catelyn survived the Red Wedding attack, but her son didn't, she would certainly be invested in revenge.

She Might Have Married Littlefinger

Since Littlefinger was in love with her, and a politically important figure, I can imagine that the two might have entered into a (mostly creepy) marriage.

She Would Have Reunited With Arya

Since Arya was near the Red Wedding when it happened, she and her mother would have been able to meet if Catelyn had escaped. This would have saved Arya some lonely wanderings.

She Could Have Saved Lysa

Littlefinger killed his wife Lysa after revealing he had only ever been in love with her sister, Catelyn. He certainly wouldn't have killed Catelyn's only sister while his true love had been alive.

Sansa Would Not Have Had That Terrible Marriage

I can not imagine that Catelyn would have allowed her daughter to marry Ramsay Bolton.

She'd Make Amends With Jon Snow

Lat season revealed the mystery of Jon Snow's parentage — that he was not Ned Stark's bastard, but instead the son of Ned's sister Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Since Catelyn always resented Jon Snow for being a symbol of her husband's infidelity, she would hopefully be able to forgive him.

But Have Some Complicated Feelings About Ned

While the news about Jon Snow's parents shows that Ned didn't cheat on Catelyn, it does bring up a key question: why didn't he tell his wife about this important secret? Catelyn would presumably feel a mixture of relief and betrayal, wondering why Ned didn't trust her with this vital information.

Her Children Wouldn't Have Had To Grow Up Quite So Fast

The remaining Stark children were orphaned by Season 4, and Sansa especially would have been saved from major despair had she at least known her mother was alive somewhere.

Since it looks like Lady Stoneheart won't be making an appearance on the show anytime soon, this is all just more of a wishing game. Hopefully, the Starks will be able to continue to prevail without their matriarch.

Image: HBO, Giphy (9)